June 23, 2009

Week 20/21 Update: TWENTY!

Current Weight: 244.2
+/- this week: -3.8
+/- total: -23
Short Term Goal: 250 (5/26/09)
Short Term Goal 2: 225
Long Term Goal: 150

After three weeks of basically no movement (I didn't even post an update last week), I FINALLY got back on track and passed the -20 pounds milestone! I am sort of in disbelief, I just can't believe that something is actually working for me finally.

This is my first update posted at Scientific Nature of the Whammy. In the past, I've posted at Unconventional Fear, but I decided to move it all over here. The thing with Weight Watchers and the program is that it really becomes a big part of your life, and this is a huge goal for me right now. At first it seemed like it made sense to keep it separated, but as time has gone on I've felt more and more like I wanted to have everything in one place. From now on, I'll be posting my weekly updates here, usually on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

You can find all my previous entries by clicking on 'Unconventional Fear' just below the header up there. In a nutshell, I have struggled with my weight for years, and no matter what I tried I was never able to lose anything. I finally found a doctor earlier this year who believed me, ran bloodwork and it was discovered that I had several problems including hypothyroidism and PCOS. You can read more about the diagnoses here and my first visit with the endocrinologist here if you're interested.

Today's meeting was a huge milestone for me. Being able to say I've lost 23 pounds is just absolutely amazing. It gives me hope that it might be possible for me to lose the 100+ pounds I set out needing to lose. Only 3 more pounds until I reach a huge goal - losing 10% of my starting weight. I'm starting to feel less like my body is betraying me, and that feels good.

So, what else has changed with 20 lbs? I can comfortably cross my legs again. My pants are looser. I went to Zumba last Thursday after not having gone for 6 weeks and it wasn't as hard as the first time I went - I just had more energy. I can keep up better than I used to, and I do things I would never have considered a year ago, like walking to the store or walking downtown from our house. I eat less, and I eat healthier. I'm not perfect in that area, but I'm on a really good path.

This is about all I can manage for now. Even though it's not even 11, I'm super tired and my stomach isn't feeling well, so I'm gonna call it a night.


Equidae said...

congrats and keep it up

Enz said...

I am so happy for you. This is great news and YES you can do it. You are proving it every day :)

Huge hugs.

Kat said...

Congrats. Again. It is a huge milestone. And I try not to let the HUGE road in front of me become discouraging. Because it often feels like I will never get to where I want to be. Like you, just making those very small short term goals...it makes all the difference in being about to continue.

marslo said...

That's amazing, Rachael. Congratulations!