June 5, 2009

Haiku Randomosity

Haiku Friday

Did you say bedtime?
I run screaming in terror,
for it is awful.

I have no answers
only questions. And last night?
"Only" took two hours!

Yeah... so bedtime has sucked a little bit lately. Oh wait, did I say a LITTLE bit? I meant a LOT! I am sort of at the end of my rope. It's the one MAJOR struggle we have with Sam. He's such a good kid, this is the one area where we're a little lost at what to do. Nothing seems to be working, so we're devising a plan. More about this next week - it needs a full post!

I was on my stoop,
I hope it makes you proud to
yell at a toddler

I heard what you said
Motherly rage reared up - I
swear, I'll pound you, bitch!

So today Sam was being a total jerk about bedtime and throwing a giant fit, so Justin took him in the bedroom and he was screaming and I was starving and at the end of my rope, so I grabbed one of the only things in the fridge - a wine cooler - and sat out on the front stoop. I could hear people in the next yard over talking. Suddenly I heard this: "...hear... through the window, DAMNIT!". I fully admit that I did not hear the whole sentence, and that it could have been referring to something else. But I got the feeling that the woman next door was YELLING AT MY TODDLER. Or at us. About how she could hear him screaming through the window.

There is a tiny bit of background, our neighbors are a little strange, and I've only ever talked to the husband, and even that is very sparingly. The wife has this vibe, she never smiles at us, never says hi, and I always feel this aura of dislike around her. I really don't think she likes us for whatever reason. So, I immediately convinced myself that she was talking about us. In which case...

WTF?! Do you think we LIKE it when he cries like that? What are we supposed to do about it, let him run wild and have no discipline and become a total asshole when he grows up? BTW, as far as I know this woman has no children, they are probably in their 30s (he might be in his 40s) and they've never had any kids around their house. I was SO mad that I came in the house and told Justin to go eat while I tried putting Sam to bed b/c I was so mad I couldn't even eat my dinner.

Trepidation, fear,
nervousness, but most of all
excitement and hope.

Tomorrow is my
first day of training, a new
volunteering job

I'll become support,
an advocate,an ear to
hear stories, hold strong

Another link in
a bridge of hope, of change for
people who need it

I am very excited, tomorrow I start training to be a volunteer for a nonprofit Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services organization in town. It's something I've felt called to do for a while now, and that I finally managed to get an application in for and interview for last month. After I go through training, there are several options for the kinds of volunteer work I can do - answering the hotline, acting as an advocate to people involved in court cases, acting as an advocate for people at the hospital etc. I know it's not going to be easy. I know that this is a really heavy thing to do for volunteer work. I just feel drawn to do it, and I hope that I'll do well in training and be good at this.

Holy crap, it's hot.
My house is like a sauna
and it's barely June!

So... we have a little house. It's probably around 700 square feet. We have a big bay window in the front of the house, and in the morning the sun comes in and heats up the whole living room/dining room. The front door comes into a tiny hallway at an angle from the window. The two windows in the living room and one in the dining room don't open. The bedrooms are off on the side and there is virtually no way to create a draft through the house. It's effing hot in here. Putting Sam to bed last night sucked because I was SO HOT and of course he wants to still cuddle and be touching. At least this year we have a hand-me-down air conditioner in our bedroom window!

I admit I love
TV more than is likely
healthy... but who cares?

Finale alley
is done, did you see House or

Summer brings a few
exciting premiers, what will
you be watching now?

Just watched the Law & Order: SVU season finale last night, and it was so good! I totally didn't expect that guy to go bad. The House season finale was also great, I am looking forward to the start of next season and seeing where it goes. Grey's Anatomy? Total and utter craziness. My theory? Izzy lives, George dies. I definitely think one of them is really dead. After the show was over, I went on YouTube and watched the last 5 minutes of the episode about 5 more times. Once I knew it was George, I totally could tell, but I did not guess it during the episode.

I got to watch the last few episodes of Eli Stone that never aired (they showed on SciFi in the UK), and I liked the last episode. I thought it was excellent, and of course I'm still disappointed that it got cancelled.

As for summer shows? My very favorite summer show, So You Think You Can Dance? IT'S BACK! I have only watched the first episode so far, and I totally almost cried when Brandon came back and danced and Mary was sobbing. He was absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to see him on the show. Of course I am really looking forward to season 2 of True Blood. We also like Burn Notice, Eureka, Monk, Psych, Weeds, and I'm going to try out the new show Nurse Jackie and see how that is.

Yesterday I shipped
two special packages, one
to England, one... not!

The first a special
gift, a Spirit jump for a
woman needing love.

The second a prize,
the best from my home town, to
share why I love here!

I am very excited about these packages. The first one was a Spirit Jump for a woman in England. I'm going to post about Spirit Jump soon, but I also have a button over in the sidebar. It's basically a way for anyone who has time and motivation to send gifts/cards/well wishes to people who are fighting cancer. It's a very cool program. When I heard about this woman, and that she loves Africa, I knew that I had the perfect thing. My Dad travels to Africa several times a year for his job, and I have a few African baskets that are so pretty to have around, so I sent one. I hope that it brings a little bit of sunshine to her life.

The second package was for Shannon's Hometown Swap. It should arrive in Georgia by Monday - do you know who you are?! I can't wait to get my package and see where and who it came from!


Mariposa said...

Oh, gosh, I can so relate, we also have the same issue with my nephew lately!

And I'm also battling with insomnia...and tomorrow I'm getting a new A/C! Grrr...

At least it's Friday...wish you a good one!

Cathy said...

that's so awful about your neighbor--people can be so judgmental! our sons can still be a pain to put to bed, but it gets better. :)

Kori said...

I love your haikus; also, I think you are amazing, and hope that you will find just the right area in which to volunteer, the ONE area in which you are going to feel like you are making a difference. Be it answering phones or whatever, this is a good thing. No good words re: bedtime with Sam, other than, um, good luck? : )

jabblog said...

All things pass and Sam will eventually learn that 'sleep is good'. Good luck with the volunteering - sounds as if it could be emotionally exhausting.

C.J. Koster said...

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of web-nonsense. I like your blog too. Let's be friends. K?

Heather said...

Bedtime is tough for everyone. Hang in there, momma. I loose my cool regularly at bedtime.

brunette trixie said...

That's great you are going to be volunteer! I work at a rape crisis center and it is so rewarding. My one piece of advice is to make sure you have someone you can talk about the cases/stories you are going to hear. It can be overwhelming if you don't have an outlet to share the feelings these situations can cause. Good luck!!!

Kat said...

It arrived in Georgia on Saturday...and totally made my weekend! I just posted all about it...many, many thanks.

Oh...and bed time...I am LOVING that I can just send my girls up to bed. Not that they actually go to sleep. There is much yelling up the stairs. But this week is bliss...they are both at camp!

Shannon said...

Saw the package you sent Kat... you did a fantastic job! I sure hope the package from your swapper is just as fabulous!!!

And SYTYCD is my fave summer show, too! LOVE it! Have you caught up with the episodes? I cannot wait for this week... in case you haven't seen who made the Top 20, I won't tell you who my favorites are!

Mighty M said...

So glad we haven't had to struggle (very much) at bedtime, I SO treasure my evening alone time with my husband. Now that my daughter is almost 4 she is getting more "scared" and sometimes takes a little longer to get to sleep, but never ever longer than an hour, and usually less than 30 minutes. I hope he grows out of it soon!!