June 22, 2009

Calling All Angels

I stole this title from Dawn. I've been meaning to write an update to my prayer request list, and after reading her post today, I knew it was time.

If you are the praying type, these are some people out there who could use prayers. If you're not, send good vibes, virtual hugs, and peaceful thoughts. Anything helps, and whatever you offer truly does make a difference.

Today's requests:

- Please pray for Jamie, for Dawn, and for the rest of our family. Dawn writes at Growing a Pair, and today she wrote about Jamie. Only 11 years old, Jamie was born with a heart defect. She managed for years, but last Friday, Jamie had open heart surgery. What a scary thing to go through, as a child or as a parent. Things were going well after the surgery until Jamie's blood pressure wouldn't normalize. Please pray for strength for her family, and for her heart to heal and get stronger so she can wake up and go home.

- I don't know what her religious beliefs are, but Tracy from Sweetney is starting a really hard journey. Please just offer her your support, I can't imagine going through what she is and basically it just sucks. She is an awesome person, so let's try to lift her up.

- My friend Xotchil and her family. Her Aunt Christy, who was a wonderful woman, lost her year long battle with ovarian cancer in early June. Please pray for their peace.

As usual, my full list of prayer requests can be found by clicking here, or through the link in my sidebar. And of course, as always, please add your prayer requests to the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rachael!