July 2, 2009

15 Week Challenge!

June 29 marked the first day of Amy's 15 Week Challenge! I found Amy's site, Amy's Quest to Skinny, through Enz at The 4 Walls. I was excited just to FIND her blog, because finding other people who are on the same journey I am is incredibly encouraging. But when I found out about the 15 Week Challenge, I was even more excited! I can't wait to make some new friends, and participate in motivating each other over the next three and a half months.

So, what is the 15 Week Challenge? 164 of us ladies out there have signed up with Amy to support each other and compete from now until October 19 to lose some weight, eat right, and get in better shape. We'll be competing Every week, there is a weekly challenge and a Wednesday Workout challenge where we can earn extra points, and at the end we'll be judged by % of weight lost to make it fair even though everyone is a different size.

I had a very busy week this week, and didn't do the weekly challenge or Workout Wednesday, but in the future you can look forward to some posts about the 15 Week Challenge here! If you want to support us, check out Amy's blog. She has some great ideas and tips for getting more fit!

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