May 19, 2009

You know what they say about best laid plans

I was going to spend last night blogging. I have tons of saved drafts that I can't wait to write and publish. But, you know what they say about plans. I ended up spending my time doing something else that's really exciting to me.

A couple of weeks ago, before my impromptu trip, I was thinking a lot about how what I would really like to do is write. I see other bloggers I know writing for various websites and getting paid, and I have always wanted to be a writer. I considered journalism, but it didn't fit with what I wanted. I used to write poetry, but haven't been as much lately. I write some fiction, but where my passion seems to be now is here on this blog.

I sent a message out on Twitter asking for leads or advice. I briefly looked at some freelancing sites online, but they all want writing samples. Then last week, an online friend passed my e-mail and blog address along to a friend of hers who runs a small site to provide ghost written articles to various websites. I felt honored that she suggested me, and very excited.

I spent my time last night writing two articles, then sending them off. I hope that they're okay, I am a little nervous, but also really confident that I can do this. I can build my skills, and I know that writing these articles will help me improve my writing all around. I'm so excited, and I can't wait to see where this is going to lead me.

In the meantime, I didn't write anything for you all, and I'm sorry! If I don't get to it before then, Sam will be at the babysitter Thursday and it's possible I'll just spend all day writing, which sounds absolutely amazing to me right now.


Dumblond said...

That sounds awesome!! Good for you. I'm rooting for you!

Valerie said...

Hey congratulations I hope it works out for you!!

Have a blessed day!