May 21, 2009

Week 16 Update: Keep on Truckin'!

Current Weight: 250.2
+/- this week: -3.0
+/- total: -17
Short Term Goal: 250
Long Term Goal: 150

Lookie! I am down 3 lbs again this week! Boy is that ever encouraging, I can't even tell you. Also, I am only .2 lbs away from meeting my first goal! Once I get under 250 I will have less than 100 pounds to lose to my long term goal. I know 100 pounds is still a huge number. But I have never been able to lose weight before, and I only have 3 more to go until I can say I've lost 20 pounds. Which somehow seems so much huger than losing 15. I'm really starting to believe deep down inside that this is happening. It seems slow some weeks, but I'm still averaging a pound a week of weight loss - this was week 16. So that is actually good. Even if it takes me 2 years to lose the weight, I'll make the progress. I'll do it. By the time Sam starts Kindergarten I'll be able to chase after him with the best of them. Woot!


Sarah said...

Good job on the weight loss! It's amazing how easy it is to gain but how hard it is to lose. Sounds like you have realistic goals though which is awesome and very important! Keep it up! I'm sending healthy thoughts and determination your way!

Kori said...

Oh,man, this is SO great, it really is. I love your positive and EXCELLENT attitude, I love watching different things begin to transform themselves, and I really do think you are beautful-inside AND out.