May 17, 2009

Week 14/15 Update

I gained 1.4 pounds at last weigh in, but I think it was water weight. I was having a... monthly visitor... and it sucked. Then week 15, I missed my meeting. Long story short, my Dad was in a car accident and I had to go to St. Louis to be with him for a few days. He's okay now, and you can read more about it at my other blog if you're interested.

I haven't been doing great with eating, but not terrible. I went over my points last week by 9, but I also had activity points to cover it. This week, I don't think I'll go over and have actually had at least 3 days of being under points due to various circumstances. It was a relief to be home and to go for a walk yesterday and today with Sam in his stroller. It's been so wonderful getting outside in the warm weather, and since Sam has been into riding in the stroller lately it means I can push him at a good pace and actually get some exercise!

I'll be happy to weigh in next Tuesday and get back on track next week with being home and eating more veggies again! I'll post again soon.


Megan R. said...

You are still doing awesome! I'm proud of you for not getting down about the small gain, and being so positive and keeping at it, even when you weren't being held accountable at your weekly meeting! You are doing so great!

Kori said...

It is hard to maintain anything "normal" about your diet when you are not HOME; so I say chalk it up to a not great week and move forward-you are so effing amazing! (notice the restraint there? LOL).