May 7, 2009

So worth it

Things have improved. I know you're glad to hear it. Ha. Why? Mostly because I have the best husband in the world.

Yesterday didn't start out good - Justin was getting ready for work and stressing about the bill payments getting in the mail TODAY, and about my bombed interview, and stuff in general. We were at each other before he'd even been up 20 minutes, and had a really crappy start to the day.

But, Justin showed up at home halfway through the day. Now, in normal cases, I would say a phone call would be just as well, but since he works 2 minutes from our house, he is able to pop by when he wants to. He came home, and he said he was sorry he'd been short. We both apologized and acknowledged how we're just stressed and need to try harder not to be in bad moods.

And then we hugged. You know, that familiar hug of the person you've been with for so long. The warmth, the smell of it. The all over comfort that comes when you realize that you're together, you have each other, and that's enough.

I know people whose marriages have been ruined by money. I know people whose relationships have fallen apart because they focused on other things and didn't work at their marriage. I know that after the way things have been for the last years, a lot of couples would have grown apart where we've grown closer. I know that sometimes it would be easy to stay angry, or to hold on to the things we can't change. I know that letting go is even better. What do I know after the last year and a half?

That we can do ANYTHING. Together. I can't wait for another year until we are (hopefully) back on our feet. I can't wait to start going to Sam's parent-teacher conferences together. I can't wait until we take him to music or ball practice then sit and talk while he plays or hits. I can't wait to sit arm in arm at his college graduation (I'll be crying). I can't wait until we dance at his wedding. I can't wait until we are retired and we travel the roads in a camper, together. I can't wait for forever to come.

And that makes today, and every day, worth it.


Dumblond said...

Oh that is sweet! Good for him to leave work like that to make sure you two were good again.
I have great admiration for people who will admit when they may have made a mistake. My husband has been known to do the same. If he happens to be in a bad mood and takes it out on me, he will always apologize for it later. Sometimes in can take awhile (depending on the day or situation) but it always comes out.
Hooray for good guys!

April said...

I'm so glad you two are finding ways to work through this difficult time together. Sometimes it's hard when one walks out, seemingly, in the middle of an argument. But it's like giving our kids a time out - sometimes we need a little space to get perspective.

Mimi said...

Yeah for comforting hugs@

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I love this. And I love that you look forward, always, rather than backward.

You guys are going to get through this!

Kori said...

What a lovely, lovely post, and a marriageto aspire to. And thanks for sharing the good and the not-so-good.

Todd X. said...

You rock! And I know things will work out eventually for you. I'm always ready to write a recommendation if you need one. :)

Nap Warden said...

Glad you guys are communicating. Money issues are no fun:(

Hope things always look up!