May 8, 2009

Blog Fart Friday

It's my first time farting. Okay, okay, well, it's my first time doing Blog Fart Friday at least! This is how we get it out - those little things that can in no way make a whole post, but they're floating around and NEED to get out. It's never too late to join us - just click the button & head over to Jaci's place!

1. I'm listening to an audiobook called Panic in Level 4 by Richard Preston. The voice reading it sounds SO familiar, and I finally realized the guy sounds just like the dude who played Donnie Pfaster on The X-Files. It's really kind of creeping me out.

2. I hate it when magazines call women someone's "gal pal". As in "Meet John Mayer's new gal pal". WTF?

3. How come Hugh Jackman is only hot when he's Wolverine? And the rest of the time he's kind of just... goofy?

Actually... make that Wolverine or in the movie Australia.

4. I have been totally obsessed with fresh pineapple lately. SO. GOOD.

5. Guess what? I totally forgot to post anything for my blogoversary. It was March 13. Yeah, almost 2 months ago. Woot. There are posts from before that, but that's when I started blogging 'for real'. I am up to almost 600 posts since I combined this blog, my family blog, and my TV/Movie/Book review blog. I have to figure out something cool for my 600th post. I think I smell a giveaway.

6. I just ate cold Pizza Hut cheese bread. For breakfast. Ugh.

7. Yesterday at the babysitter, my son and his friend got into a container of Tums and ate some. Ew. I guess they thought it was candy. She e-mailed me to tell me about it because she didn't have a phone, but all I could do was laugh at the picture in my head of these two 3 year old boys hoarding Tums. I guess the only side effect is constipation. And also, really rank smelling pee. Sam's diaper was so stinky last night I couldn't even deal.

8. Speaking of last night, Sam was up from 3:30 to 6:30. He wanted to watch Wall-E. But he doesn't let you sleep, oh no, you have to stay up and watch it with him. He will make sure to wake you if you doze off.

9. So yeah, this whole Jon & Kate Plus 8 cheating scandal? Sucks for them. She says that he is having a hard time dealing with celebrity and they "didn't set out" to be celebrities. Hm. I wonder what their goal was when they signed up for a reality show. And had books. And magazine articles etc. In any case, she says they are dealing with it privately and I hope they actually are dealing with it.

10. Grey's Anatomy last night? Really good. I totally cried a lot. This week's House? AWESOME. So good I almost couldn't deal. Season finale of Chuck? All I know is it BETTER be renewed. Speaking of which, Ausiello has a running list here of shows and their cancelled/renewed/still waiting statuses. Also, if you love TV as much as I do and you're NOT reading The Ausiello Files? Repent immediately and go read. You will LOVE it.

11. I got a new blog design this week. What do you think?

All right... I think I'm out of gas for today. So go and read some more Blog Farts at Ravings of a Mad Housewife.


natalie said...

Haha, I'm imaging little ones eating Tums too...that's funny! :)

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that Tums gives you stinky pee. I did not know that.

Hugh Jackman is soooo not hot in real life. He's just a choir...geek. Or something. His whole song and dance schpeal makes me cringe. Ugh.

Kori said...

I adore geeks, I truly do. But not Hugh Jackman. And I adore adore adore the new look. And I finally figured out who you remind me of: Toni Collette. That picture of you and Sam is so great, and it reminds me of her in Little Miss sunshine. I think she is beautiful. Happy, happy Mother's Day to you, my friend!

Mimi said...

Love your new blog design. Cracked up about the Tums!

The Wrenns said...

You seem so calm with the Tums thing--I would have freaked out an called Poison Control. Don't know what they would have said, except for me to calm down and have a few for myself.

And I totally agree with the whole Jon&Kate+8 thing. Maybe they've got an episode of Cheaters in th works, to add to their "private" life.

Dumblond said...

I was bawling at Grey's Anatomy!! Abso-frickin-lutely bawling!
And Chuck?! Yeah, best.season.finale.EVER!! If it doesn't get picked up, I'm gonna be pissed! That and Terminator and Dollhouse. It seems like all the shows I have come to love are on the chopping block...*sigh*