April 28, 2009

All in Good Time

I had a plan. It involved writing down everything that needed to get done this week and then doling them out over the days so that I could get them all done. I'm pretty sure that writing some blog posts for the rest of the week was one of the things I was going to do last night.

But, last night rolled around and I was tired. I felt like lying on the couch and watching TV then going to bed a little earlier than normal and getting a good night's sleep. I spent a lot of time over the weekend outside - we participated in a county wide garage sale - and it was really sunny on Sunday. It was warm and sunny again today and I took Sam to the park to run around for a couple of hours. There is definitely something glorious about being outside in the sun, but the transition from spring to summer can be hard - those first days frolicking in the warmth leave me sunkissed and tired.

I have random thoughts in my head tonight. My stepmom and little sister are coming to visit for a few days this weekend. I need to get things together for Sam's birthday party on Saturday. My baby is going to be three years old. When did this happen? He's tall, and when I look at his face I notice that he's losing his baby nose and starting to gain his true appearance. We're re-trying getting him to go to bed on his own in his room without us staying until he falls asleep, and it's working much better this time. He's definitely behind on his speech, but he's still always adding new words and showing me that he's changing and growing.

I don't have anything together. I think my 'day off' this week is going to be full of shopping and housecleaning. I have laundry piling up. I need to straighten up the house and clean the bathroom. I still haven't figured out my plans for Friday and trying to spend the day with my stepmom and two sisters in Seattle.

I have had ideas in my head, they want to be written about. All in good time.

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Maggie's Mind said...

I can very much relate to this. Lots swimming in my head, too, things to think and do. ;)