March 24, 2009

WW Week 8 Update

Current Weight: 258.6
+/- this week: -0.6
+/- total: -8.6
Short Term Goal: 250
Long Term Goal: 150

I wasn't surprised at my weight in this week, really. Last week I was totally sick all week and didn't even do my normal amount of low intensity activities like house cleaning, walks, or shopping. Let alone go to the gym! I am finally recovered other than a yucky cough that pops up every couple of hours, so I did make it to my Zumba class today, and am getting back on track!

All in all, I was really happy that I still managed to go down 1/2 a pound, and not stay the same or gain! I didn't go over my points last week, but it really shows that exercise definitely makes a difference, doesn't it? I did my class today and am planning to hit the gym tomorrow and Sunday, and maybe do a walk or something on Friday. I am hoping that maybe next week I'll get my 10 pound star! Then it's only 3 pounds to my 5% loss! Exciting.

I am doing okay with everything, but have fallen off a little on my fruit and vegetable consumption. I need to get back on track, and I'm still struggling with the whole milk thing. I also took away a point per day this week since I'm in the 250s now instead of 260s.

I had some inspiration last weekend, I went to my church's annual women's retreat and one of my church friends was looking pretty thin. I don't see her that often, and I asked her if she had lost weight. My other friend said "she lost a lot of weight!". It turns out that she lost 50 pounds last year - she lost 15 on her own after being sick, and decided to do something to keep going, and joined Weight Watchers! The reason I didn't notice the last couple times I saw her is because she just started buying new clothes that actually FIT her, so you can see how great she looks! I am very happy for her, and it's inspiring to meet people that have really done it with WW!

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Megan R. said...

Yeah for continued weight loss!! You are doing so, so great!!! Is your Mom still doing it with you?