March 13, 2009

Watch Watchmen

Haiku Friday

Finally here, so
highly anticipated,
and I couldn't wait!

Borrowed the comic
from my best friend, but never
got a chance to read.

Still, excited for
the movie, so when date night
rolled around, we went!

Loved 300 and
LOVED Watchmen just as much, it
was so amazing!

My Mom has been nice enough to watch Sam once a week for the past few weeks sot hat Justin and I could go out together, spend some time together, and reconnect. It's been really great - last week we enjoyed a night out in Bellingham, went out to dinner, went for a walk and to a local book store. This week we went to see Watchmen, which I have been excited about for a long time.

I am a huge fan of comic book/graphic novel based movies. I generally enjoy them (except Sin City, which I sort of hated), and I also like supporting the genre so that more will get made. I saw 300 in the theater and absolutely LOVED it. I have it on DVD, but haven't watched it in a while. I loved the stylization and the way the movie so invoked a graphic novel.

I knew I would enjoy Watchmen, but I didn't realize exactly how much! I had borrowed the graphic novel from my friend in hopes of reading it before the movie came out, and that didn't happen, but after seeing the movie I still want to read it so I can compare some.

There was so much good about this movie. The casting was absolutely amazing, and Jackie Earle Haley was absolutely perfect as Rorschach. He played the part so well, and looking back at the graphic novel, he had the perfect look for the part too. He was scary, mysterious, broken and brutal, everything he needed to be. There were several actors in this that I wasn't very familiar with, and especially liked the casting of Nite Owl.

The style of the film was great too, from the very beginning scene where The Comedian is murdered, you could tell just how the movie's visuals were going to play out. Speaking of The Comedian, Jeffrey Dean Morgan? I loves him. He was really good in this, just the perfect mix of tough, crazy, and hero. The action sequences were great, and they did an amazing job of filling in the back story. It was also completely accessible to us as people who hadn't read the graphic novel, which was great. This one also has an incredible soundtrack, and I loved the use of music.

I find also that I really enjoy parallel realities - in the world of Watchmen Nixon has been in office for several terms and it takes place in the 1980's, but in a different world.

We were at the theater for 3 hours, but we didn't notice. This is the kind of movie that you sit through and sort of hope it won't have to end. Definitely my favorite movie of the year so far. Go see it this weekend!

You can read two more reviews here:

Maria @ Immoral Matriarch: ETC is a huge fan of this graphic novel, and has read it several times, so her insight into the movie is definitely trustworthy!

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Marylin said...

Ooh I have yet to see Watchmen. Knowing us it won't be until it's out on DVD that we'll watch it as we've not got anyone to watch our kidlets.

Cassie said...

I really want to see Watchmen! I've heard so many good things about it from so many people!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Hubs and I are going to see Watchmen today!! We heard nothing but good things about it!

maggie's mind said...

I've heard it was really, really good. Good enough that I might even go see it, and that's not usually my kind of movie.

Cathy said...

that's so great--date nights are so important--I heard it's a good movie!

Dumblond said...

Thank you! Thank you very much for linking my review. I still can't get that image out of my head...
I have also been hearing alot of negative things about the movie. I think mostly from uber-geek fanboys that are impossible to please...

Tumblewords: said...

You make it sound better than I thought it could be! Nice post!

Tink *~*~* said...

Sounds like a great date night! Now you've made me want to see this film, and it's not normally something that's "up my alley".

Happy Friday,
Tink *~*~*

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Mama Wheaton said...

Watchmen is on our list of movies to go see. I am glad you liked it.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

I want to see Watchmen as well. Now I want to see it more!

Shannon said...

Awesome. I loved "300", too... and think Zac Snyder is one cool dude. But I've never read "Watchmen", so I wondered if I would like the movie or not...

May just have to go see it this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You haiku!!! I love haiku. I may have to start doing Haiku Fridays with you!

I wanted to drop by to say thank you for your support in my Super Heavy Duty Post on Violence Unsilenced. I appreciate it greatly.

Mimi said...

OK, after Jack (13) came home from seeing it with his dad all I heard about was the blue guy showing his "junk" for the whole movie. At one point he said there were five of them!

I'm not sure I could get past that...