March 28, 2009


Sometimes when I see a preview for an upcoming movie, I know right away that I am going to like it. If it has something to do with numbers, being psychic, seeing the future, natural disasters, aliens... those are all pretty good signs. So, when I saw previews for Knowing, the new Nicolas Cage movie, I pretty much knew I was going to like it, and was excited to see it.

We got to have date night on Monday night, and we went to see it. It was good! I was actually surprised by some stuff. There were some very creepy aspects of the movie, and I didn't expect that! It was nice because it was creepy without being terrifying, and only at certain points within the rest of the story. I liked it because the previews didn't give away the entire plot, and certainly didn't give away the ending. I didn't really figure it all out before it was over, and that is sometimes an annoying issue for me since I go to so many movies!

There were a couple of pretty good disaster scenes. Nicolas Cage... well, he's Nicolas Cage. To me, he kind of falls into the category of actors who only play one character, and might be playing themselves (accompanied by Jeff Goldblum). But, I sort of like that character, and he often fits in to movies I quite enjoy, so that's okay! The kids in it were very good, and I liked that it was different, it wasn't quite as predictable as so many movies are.

If you're a fan of Cage, if you like disaster-y movies about future predictions, or slightly creepy action drama movies, see it! In my mind, it was worth the price of admission just for one scene, which I will not describe because I don't want to spoil the movie, but it takes place near the end and is a spectacularly awesome display of CGI disaster destruction.


Scary Mommy said...

I really want to see this!! Glad you liked it. Now I just need a sitter!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Last Wednesday it was between this movie and I love you, man. My daughter wanted to see the latter. I wish we would have seen Knowing. I'm gonna take hubby to see it this week on date night. Thanks