March 5, 2009

Good for the Kids - and the Moms!

The Three Designing Women Customizable Personalized Stamp I would LOVE to win from the Room 704 and Good for the Kids contest is TOTALLY something I would covet in a nice magazine, but never be able to splurge on. I absolutely love stationary, cards, all of it. I just sat down last night to write some notes to a few friends (who doesn't love getting mail, right?) and looking at the stamps on Good for the Kids makes me think how pretty my envelopes would look if I had one! I might even use it to make myself my own cheap, personalized business cards!

By the way, if you haven't been over to Room 704 yet, you should totally stop by. Here's the description from this new website:

Room 704 is a collaboration of the warped geniuses of the masterminds behind the blogs Mrs. Flinger, Kaiser Alex and VDog and Little Man. We have a collective ten years of blog experience between us and none ya biz years of life experience combined.

Our goal is for everyone who reads to click away feeling better than before. This is an anything goes environment - we write about sex toys, sippy cups and serenity. Just not in the same post. Yet.

It's pretty great! Check out their posts, and enter to win the stamp if you'd like. Or don't. Because if you don't, my chances go up.

1 comment:

Dumblond said...

Those are nice stamps. Maybe I'll just buy one...that way I can have one and you have one less person as competition!