March 21, 2009

Frakking Incredible!

*This contains spoilers. If you thought I was going to be able to write a post about the series finale of one of my favorite shows of all time, you were out of your frakkin' mind. So don't read it unless you have alredy watched it or don't care.*

Holy frak. How incredibly amazing was that? Seriously. This post might be a little hoppy because I was writing things down as I was watching it, but I tried to clean it up afterwards and make it a little less disjointed.

The last battle. Human extremists and cylon extremists eliminated to leave the future in the hands of a new breed of cylons and humans, working together to provide a future for both species. That was sort of the vision. But, there were still the cylon extremists to deal with in the beginning of this ending. That was a beginning.

The imagery of Anders in the tub in the CIC was amazing. Then the raid on the colony ship, the Centaurians and humans side by side going in, the image of a Centurian peering around the corner and waving soldiers in. The whole episode really was just great imagery, from inside the ship to the battle to Adama flying off the Galactica for the final time to the beautiful images of the new Earth as Adama and Roslin spent their last moments together.

Loved Boomer snapping the doctor's neck to stop the tests. Awesome. Centaurians agains centaurians, the whole battle kept me on the edge of my seat.

Random Quote: "Please continue stating the perfectly obvious. It fills me with confidence." - Cavil

Gaius having spine for once, staying behind when he could have left. Coming full circle, finally redeeming himself somewhat in the end.

Random Quote: Six: "I don't think I've ever said it before, but I always wanted to be proud of you. I guess I felt tht was the only thing missing."

Six and Baltar seeing each others halucinations/angels whatever they are? Awesome. In the end, they helped save the human race. Who knows where it would have gone if the planets hadn't been destroyed?

It was funny, during the flashbacks, it was so weird seeing Tigh without the eye patch.

Did anyone else notice that Jamie Bamber's hair was extra fluffy looking? I kept noticing it.

FRAK! When Leonidas was behind them and the shooting and Helo getting shot and Hera running. ARGH! I absolutely loved the juxtaposition of the Opera house scenes and the president and Hera running and Cavil walking by. The imagery of the Opera House they continue all the way up to the final five in the CIC was so well done.

Random Quote: "Hera's not a thing, she's a child. And she holds the key to humanity's survival as well." Baltar. "I see Angels, Angels in this very room. I may be mad, but that doesn't mean I'm not right."

Way to go for ending the series on a note of me not hating Baltar.

For whatever reason, the thing that got me teared up was the original/final five putting their hands in the tank and passing over the informtion. Tyrel seeing that Tori killed Callie was horrible. Then killing her before the transfer was done. Oh God! I was just shocked by that whole scene and then the Cavil offing and the music and the coordinates and the awesomeness.

When they found the planet at the end, and Gaius was talking about Divine Intervention, I admit I got teared up again. I loved the speech Apollo gave to Adama by the river, when he talked about our science being ahead of our souls.

I don't like endings. I would prefer that my favorite shows stay around. But as far as ending go, this was definitely the most satisfying of any of my top shows. I love the idea that they sent the fleet into the sun. I loved the imagery of Adama taking off from Galactica and flying through the fleet in the raptor one last time.

I wasn't completely happy with the ending for Apollo and Starbuck. But, I guess it's better than if she had died when her Raptor exploded before. I guess it would have been to neat and clean and... well, not BSG if they'd gotten together and lived happily ever after in the end.

Don't be afraid Kara Thrace. You will NEVER be forgotten.

I know, I said awesome a lot in this post. Sorry, but it was. Also, if you missed the special they showed the other night - BSG: The Last Frakkin' Special, you should find it on SyFy website or something and check it out.

PS That part at the end with all the robots totally freaked me out and made me laugh.

PPS I sort of felt like I could have done without the 150,000 years later part at the end. I sort of felt like it was a downer, saying things would just evolve the same way. Or not. Or whatever. I feel like I need a transcript of that scene to read and ponder.


Jan Ross said...

I also could have done without the last few minutes. I think they should have left them on the planet beginning anew - after all they had been through. We did not need to know that it was all going to happen again. Maybe.

I also noticed his fluffy hair!! Did you know he is really British in real life? I guess so, if you saw the special. I couldn't get over that!! You would never know it from the way he talks.

All in all, a pretty satisfactory ending. I hated to see it end as well. I want my favorite shows to go on FOREVER. Not really possible, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I thought the last 30 seconds was hamfisted and clumsy, compared to the incredible nuance and deftness with which they handled such complicated issues over the last four years. If they'd cut it after reading the title of the magazine article, they would have gotten their point across just fine.

WRT Apollo and Starbuck, I'm SO going to have to write a post about this but I was also disappointed for a second. But then I thought - it's such an exquisite way to point out that you need to live your life like you only get ONE, mistakes and all, so LIVE it. Don't regret your actions, try not to purposefully hurt anyone.

Lee's hair was distractingly fluffy but all in all I really really loved what they did.