March 3, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

So, I have this other blog. It's called SNOTW Presents. The thing is, no one really reads it. And I would like to have more people read it because I like feedback and knowing that there are people out there who love that TV show or movie too, or hated it and want to tell me why. So, I decided to re-integrate it into Scientific Nature of the Whammy for the time being. Maybe one day I'll feel like I want to split it off again, but for now I haven't been writing as many things over there, and I think it would be better served by having it over here. If I feel like it's generating a lot, I can make those posts my weekend posts. So, from here forward you'll see my movie & book reviews and whatever thoughts on the latest TV shows I'm having. I hope you enjoy!

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