April 1, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Last Weekend

This week's Wordless Wednesday has to have a few words, all pictures are from our fun weekend! Click any photo to view it large.

What happens at my house:

He wore the things for like 30 minutes at least, even got his diaper changed with it on. And no, I don't know how his skinny neck could hold it up!

This is my best friend's daughter, Kiki. She had her 7th birthday party this weekend. I'm not sure how it happened that she is 7. I remember when she was a baby I was afraid to hold her because she was so small. She is awesome.

This is Kiki's sister Ann. She is adorable. She is 16 months old, and I love this picture because really? What says 16 months better than "I'm going to look completely adorable while I stand in front of you and shove this toy in my mouth"?

This is the birthday cake we made for our niece Tempest's birthday. It's a My Little Pony. It's no Yoda, but she's only four. She loved it anyhow. The cake was white cake we put food coloring in to make it pink, and Justin somehow remembered that Rainbow Chip is my FAVORITE icing. It was delicious.

These are the 3 miniature horses at my... um... sister-in-law's parents house. They are totally awesome. I love this picture of the three of them.

I immediately decided after visiting with the horses that we needed to go in the house and see if there were any apples or carrots. When we walked in I noticed a giant bag of carrots on the kitchen floor, so I made Justin ask if we could feed the horses. We even got Sam into it! You can see he was a little timid by how far the horse is having to stretch it's neck to reach the carrot.

This is Tempest, our niece. She is freaking adorable.

This is an awesome picture of a starfish that's in the fish tank at the in-laws in-laws house. I took it because I was watching the starfish move around the tank and thought it was awesome because you see them sort of gliding across the glass, but if they are on the right side of the tank, you can see how they are really moving - tons of tiny suckers!

This is how we all felt after last weekend:

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Pretty Life Online said...

love the last photo... cool catch!!! I am finally back.. hope you can visit mine too... I am sure you'll get a wordless laugh at my entry... LOL! Happy WW!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

haha naked on the couch with a helmet on! Too funny!!

I love miniature horses.

and I love the name Tempest!!

Andrea said...

Hey, I just clicked over from SITS. I love the pictures!

stan said...

that is one swell weekend in the great outdoors w loved ones!

Tell Me Thursday said...

LOL! Love the first two photos! These are great stories - you might like our meme at Tell Me Thursday - you can make your WW really wordless and STILL tell the story! Give it a try!

Krystyn said...

Oh, that helmet picture is too much!
And, awesome shot of the starfish.

Nap Warden said...

OMG...I have Mini Horses on my blog...crazy! They are the cutest. I also have little nudists running around my house...no helmets though;)