February 18, 2009

WW Week 3 Update

Current Weight: 263.6
+/- this week: +0.6
+/- total: -3.6
Short Term Goal: 250
Long Term Goal: 150

Sorry I'm getting this up so late! I was a little bit disappointed after my week 3 weigh in. I gained 0.6 pounds. The thing is, it's very difficult when you're dealing with such small amounts. I mean, 0.6 pounds could be ANYTHING. It could be water weight, it could be how much I ate before the meeting vs. after the meeting. I also switched from Thursday meetings to Tuesday, so it wasn't even a week between meetings.

But I still felt a little discouraged about the weigh in. The day after though, I went on a walk around Lake Padden with my Mom. It's a 2.6 mile hike on dirt/gravel trails with some small hills, but nothing too hard. We took Sam with us, and he ended up only walking probably 0.6 miles, so we had to carry him the rest of the way. So basically, I walked 2.6 miles, 1 of which I was carrying a 30+ pound toddler on my shoulders. Talk about a workout! But it did make me feel good afterwards. Good and TIRED!

I know that tomorrow is another day, that next week is another weigh in and that it's not all going to happen at once. I will be really happy when my thyroid medication starts taking affect to see if that helps. The biggest change I need to make now is getting on track with my exercise.

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Enz said...

0.6 lbs is not worth thinking about. Even people who are at their ideal weight fluctuate by 3-5 lbs at any given time. Persistence is the key in this game, not perfection. Keep at it and it will keep going down.