February 13, 2009

WW Week 2 Update

Current Weight: 263
+/- this week: -2.8
+/- total: -4.2
Short Term Goal: 250
Long Term Goal: 150

I was really surprised to get weighed in at my third meeting to find out that I lost 2.8 more pounds last week! I didn't really expect to be able to lose anything before getting on the thyroid medication, but I guess I am eating much better than I used to, and even after only two weeks, I can tell that my diet affects how I feel. Eating so much fruit and vegetables not only makes me feel better physically, but mentally it makes me proud of myself for eating things that are more healthy for me.

I have to tell you, having such a good weigh in this week was sort of a push for me. I sort of feel like I've been pushed over the edge into hopefulness. Before now, I'm not sure how much I really thought that this might work. But after the last week, I really feel like I can do this. I feel like I'm on my way to being a healthy person, and being happier with myself and the way I live.

My goal this week was to go to the gym twice. I didn't make twice, but I did go once. I haven't been to the gym for over a year. I went and did the treadmill for a mile, about 30 min with warmup/warmdown. The rest of the time I had it set to 3 miles per hour, which is a good level to get me excercising at a moderate to high level. It felt really good... mentally! Physically it didn't feel great, it was really hard and my legs were a little sore. But I was really proud of myself for doing it. I didn't do any strength training because I wanted to get home since I got there later than I wanted to.

My goal for the next week is to exercise 3 times, and go to the gym at least twice. When I was there last week, I picked up a schedule for their classes - it's included in the cost of membership, and all the classes are drop in. I noticed they had a Zumba class, and I'd never heard of it but the description sounded interesting, and the next day Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil posted about it! The class is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 and I can't go next Tuesday, but I think I will try to make the Thursday class.

My Mom called me this week because she thinks she wants to join WW and do it with me. She's not really very overweight, but she said she has gained 20 pounds in the last 2 years, and according to charts her BMI is too high. Honestly, I was really surprised by that, but I guess I don't really see her naked! Lol. In any case, she wants to join not to lose a bunch of weight, but mroe to maintain and not gain any more. So, I'm going to switch to evening meetings so that we can go together, probably Tuesdays. We're going on Tuesday, so my next weekly update will be less than a week!


Kori said...

I am really, really enjoying these posts; you are dong so great!

NJDecorator said...

Great job, I have not been losing lately and I am quite frustrated....It will be nice for you to have company as you attend meetings - I like being able to discuss it with someone..