February 26, 2009


So, obviously I missed last week's post because our computer was down and I wasn't able to use our DVR for several days. I was sort of sad to see Fabio go, but Carla & Hosea were my favorites, so I'm happy about that. I'm rooting for Carla because I have just fallen in love with her! I have come to love her crazy eyes, and sort of just want to be her friend.

The finale was last night, and I've dropped Sam off at the babysitter and am ready to watch! I can't wait to see what happens.

At this point Stefan is bugging the shit out of me. He's so smug, why does he have to be so jerky? I hope his ego bites him in the ass.

When they brought out the past contestants, I thought 2 things. 1. I love Richard! and 2. Team Stefan/Marcel? Nightmare! I would have loved Carla & Richard paired up, but Casey will do.

And RIGHT AWAY Hosea & Stefan are getting in a fight. I don't know who was in the right there, Hosea did offer to split it, and Stefan turned him down, so his loss.

I love that Stefan asked the voodoo tarot lady about Jamie! How funny.

When they arrive the next day there is Tom with some crazy ass ingredients. They are now ADDING a course, increasing the time crunch... and they have to make an appetizer out of crab, redfish or alligator. Hosea found the baby, so he got to choose, and I just KNEW he would stick Stefan with the alligator. Of COURSE! I think their bald-guy rivalry is pretty funny. Not only did Stefan have to cook with alligator, he had to figure out how to butcher it and what part to use.

I was so rooting for Carla, I didn't like it that the appetizer thing was tripping her up because she needs to get in gear! I was sort of surprised that Stefan chose to do a dessert. I get what he said though - when he has a three course dinner, he wants a dessert! I wasn't that impressed by the description, but we'll see during service. I wasn't as surprised to see Carla do something sweet, because she has background in it, and she was sticking with how the traditional French menu works.

I loved the presentation of Hosea's appetizers on the little glasses. They looked really pretty! So far, things are going well for Hosea. Stefan made a soup with the alligator and... they liked it! I think that once you get to the finale, if you cook ANY dish that people don't like, you are kind of screwed. They should like everything, and they should have to choose between what's BEST. So far, so good on that front.

First course, all fish dishes. Hosea's dish seemed to be missing seasoning, Ti said that it looked pretty, but didn't pop. Carla's dish seemed to be the favorite in this round.

Second course, squab, steak, and scallops. I'm bummed that Carla's steak was tough because she used a different cooking technique than she was going to. She should have stuck to what she was going to do. They liked Stefan's squab, and Hosea's dish. It seemed like Carla was the bottom in this round.

Third course, two desserts and vennison. I don't fault Hosea at all for not making a dessert - if that's not your forte, why would he do it? I wish that Carla had stuck with her tarts. I'm totally bummed that her souffle got messed up. She decided not to serve it. I could feel her pain, it just sucked. Stefan's dessert looked so pretty I wanted to reach into the TV and grab it and eat it. I wish that she hadn't said anything about the souffle and had just let them decide if they liked it or not. But then, it's true what Gail said, at least they had an explanation for why the dish looked like that. Hosea's dish also looked very good! The blackberries on the plate looked gorgeous. I love that Fabio had to say that he liked Hosea's dish better.

At this point, it looks like it's between Hosea and Stefan, which makes me sad. I really wanted Carla to take it, but I'm kind of leaning towards Hosea winning now.

Judges Table finally comes. I wish that Carla hadn't let Casey influence her menu so much. She should have stuck with her original ideas. Like Tom said, it seemed like she let Casey talk her out of cooking the food that got her to the finale. I love the emotion that Carla showed durng the judging, because I would totally be like that too. And then Stefan started getting all emotional, which was awesome.

And the winner is... HOSEA! YAY! I was rooting for Carla, but Hosea was DEFINITELY my 2nd choice.


Mamarazzi said...

i loved Fabio and was so sad to see him go...he is just so charming and his food was creative and looked delicious!

after he left i started rooting for Carla too...i loved her and her goofy self through out and she was also a fave. i am bummed that she let that other chick's input make her stray from the LOVE she served with her food.

i was also REALLY impressed with the way Carla played the game.

i like Hosea until he hooked up with that other chick...yuck, i can't stand people who take advantage of being away from their mate to behave badly...its just gross!

loved this post, love the show!

Enz said...

I love this show!!! I wanted Carla or Fabio to win from the get go - something about Hosea drove me nuts and that whole thing with Leah... I know it was for entertainment value but it just pissed me off that they behaved like high school kids and not professionals.

So looking forward to next season. My son and I watch it together and its "our" time.