February 18, 2009

I Know What You Did Last Weekend

Actually, I don't. Here's what I did.

I had a great weekend. Friday didn't start out great, in fact, I was having a kind of crappy day. But I knew I could look forward that evening to a visit from my best friend, her husband, and three kids from down in Seattle. Since it's easier for me to get down there, they don't get up this way as often. Plus the kids have school, and in all reality it's easier to take a trip with one toddler than two kids and a baby!

In any case, they came down and we made pizza, which was fun. It was so great to watch Sam play with her kids (her older daughter is almost 7, and her son is almost 5). Sam played SO well with them, and he was totally entertained by her son. They all played together and had a great time, and then after we got all the kids to bed, Violet and I went and saw Coraline.
On Saturday we went to downtown Bellingham and explored around and showed them part of where we live. We walked down and the kids played on the fountain down the steps from the museum, and then we had a yummy Mexican lunch together. We ended up back at the house hanging out before they headed home around 5:30.

It was just so much fun to have them visiting up here. Violet's my closest friend, and even though we're not great at keeping in touch by phone/e-mail, I've managed to see her pretty much every week since we moved back to Bellingham a year ago. It's really important to me to maintain that connection. I've known all of her kids since before they were born, and I love them almost as much as I love my own. Both Violet and her husband are only children, so Justin and I are sort of honorary Aunt/Uncle for her kids.

Sunday I went down to Seattle to go see Christopher Moore speak at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. Violet and I went and saw him speak there when his last book, "You Suck", came out, and there were easily twice as many people there this time. Word of mouth? I guess! He is a great author, and I've enjoyed his books. I didn't buy the new one, which is a retelling of the story of King Lear from the perspective of the Fool. I didn't buy it because it's still in hardback, but maybe I'll borrow it from Violet when she's done with it. We didn't stay to get our books signed because there were easily 400 people there and we didn't want to wait. That night we went and saw Push, then I drove home.

It was a good day. I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately, and even just having that drive time to myself was really good for me. I've got things to look forward to this week - two playdates, Weight WAtchers with my Mom, my day off on Thursday that will REALLY be a day off this week - no appointments or anything, and maybe trying out the Zumba class at the gym on Thursday night.

Now tell me, what DID you do last weekend? Did you get Monday off? I didn't, because guess what? I don't GET days off!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I cleaned all weekend and I had meetings all day Monday!

Yeah, my weekend sucked.

Kori said...

you know when I go to Seattle next that we are going to have to meet for lunch, right? I cleaned all weekend but in a good way-getting the new house in order!