February 3, 2009

Hell's Kitchen is Back!

Just watched the premiere of this season of Hell's Kitchen (season 5). We've also been watching Kitchen Nightmares (both the British & American versions, though I like the British better). One of the reasons that I love Hell's Kitchen is Gordon Ramsay. The thing is, he's not just this giant asshole. Yeah, he yells at them, and says mean things. But during the scenes where he's taking them out for their prize outings or dealing with one contestant, you can get a glimpse of how encouraging and nice he can be. That's why I am intrigued by it!

I could tell right away that I don't like Lacey and Danny. Ugh. They just rub me the wrong way. I could tell that Lacey is one of those people that sees herself VERY highly. There are also several people with lower lip piercings. Ugh.

The signature dish tasting was impressive! There were a few he didn't like, but I don't remember another season where they had so many that he thought tasted so good!

I love it that there's fighting in the kitchen already. That involved Lacey. Who didn't know how to set up her station or do anything really. How did she make it to this show?

Giovanni didn't know what POLENTA was. Um... dude. Polenta. He couldn't have even said it's a corn dish? Hm.

It's just getting started... can't wait for more!

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