February 4, 2009

Bride Wars

I went to this movie because I wanted something uplifting, stupid and funny. Unfortunately, I didn't find it uplifting. Some of the scenes were funny. Some were stupid. But in the end, I just ended up feeling depressed about the fact that the whole movie was about best friends in a huge fight not being in each other's wedding.

A few years ago, some things happened with a very close knit group of girlfriends of mine. I'm not going to go into the whole story, but it included one girl being ousted by two others, being kicked out of one of their weddings (by text message), and our group being split. Right now, I don't see us ever going back to the way we used to be. Even though it's been five years since this all happened, it still hurts me to think about the way we used to be. I guess this movie was just too close for me, and I ended up at the end of the movie feeling emotionally drained and thinking about my friends.

I don't necessarily think this should be something you spend two hours on. It wasn't TERRIBLE, but they did show a lot of the gags in the previews, and it wasn't funny at the level of Pineapple Express or Step Brothers. Take it or leave it.

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