February 2, 2009

3 Days Down, The Rest of My Life To Go

WW Weigh-In 1/29/09: 267
Short Term Goal: 250 (-17 lbs)
Long Term Goal: 150 (-117 lbs)

Well, today was my third day on Weight Watchers! I went to my first meeting on Thursday and started counting points on Friday. So far, it's going well! I have stayed within my points target, and honestly, I have eaten more fruits & vegetables in the last three days than I usually do in a month. Here are some thoughts so far...

I like the Weight Watchers system so far. I bought a recipe book with a lot of good stuff in it. I like it that it's forcing me to cook more. I've made up some rules for myself, like breakfast must include a fruit, and dinner must include a vegetable. I've got some ideas that I'm going to post about later this week for people who are veggie-phobes like me, and how I'm making it easier to add them into my diet. It makes it easier to eat well because you don't have to deprive yourself. I bought some WW bars and little candies, and I can just eat one little candy, for one point, after a meal and feel like I still got a little treat!

Biggest Challenges/What I'm Proud Of:

I went to a playdate this week and ate five crackers with cheese. I turned down the minimuffins and a can of coke.

I have NOT been eating the leftovers from Sam's meals, or picking crackers out of his snack.

I went out on Saturday by myself and DIDN'T 'secret eat'.

I am forcing myself to eat fruits and vegetables like never before, and it makes me feel good to crunch an apple with breakfast.

Figuring out the difference between REAL hunger and just wanting to eat (still working on it). I have days where I want to eat all day long, I think about food all day long. I hope that soon I will only think about food when I physically start to feel hungry.

I have an appointment with the endocrinologist on the 12th, and I'm not sure if I'll lose any weight before I get on some kind of medication. I guess we'll see at my weigh-ins. If I really could start exercising and eating well all the time, it's actually feasible to lose 100 pounds in a year. Wow.

I'm actually feeling hopeful!


Enz said...

Hello, I just wanted to say that I read your post and could have written it myself. I am so glad you've found a doctor who understands. It took me til I was 35 to find a doctor who would believe that I didn't spend all day eatching cookies when no one was watching!

I love my endo. She listens, she counsels and she teaches and most of all, she understands this isn't easy for me.

I hope you have the same experience, if you don't..find another one!

I also have PCOS, hypothyroidism and now Type II diabetes (which I didn't have til about 3 years ago), before that I had Hyperinsulinism..so if you can get all this in check BEFORE diabetes hits you will be in a much better place for the rest of your life.

Hang in there. I'm going to follow your blog :)

Kori said...

What a wonderful start! So proud.

Valerie said...

When I was on WW (and I need to get back on) I would buy their Smart Ones Sante Fe Beans and Rice meal and their Enchilada Suiza meals and put them on a baked potato. It is delicious. Also their desserts are good too. If I can give you some advice it would be to walk, walk and walk some more. Hang in there you can do it!