January 24, 2009

You once were lost, but now you're found... well, you're still LOST.

Oh my God, Lost, how I have freaking MISSED you! I FINALLY got to watch the first two hours of the season after getting home from vacation on Friday.

I love the blatant supernatural-ness of "think of time as a record, and that record is skipping". That either the island is moving or they are. RIGHT back into it with the awesomeness of that which is Lost...

The first episode was so well done, I feel like the mystery is back. How can this show be so good??

Hugo telling his Mom what REALLY happened during the 2nd hour? He DOES sound crazy. Actually, he sounded exactly like what I sounded like when I tried to explain to my Dad what this show was about once.

And of course, then come the questions... Why is the island stuck in a loop? When did the loop start? Do they ever jump back to before the hatch, or is it contained? Like, would they ever go back to dinosaur times?

I can't wait to see what happens next. For more awesome thoughts and questions, here are some great posts/websites:

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