January 22, 2009

Weight Watchers!

When I went to my doctor the first time, she recommended Weight Watchers. She gave me a small packet with a coupon for a free month, but after that it ends up being about $40 a month, and I just can't afford that.

Well, we had Christmas today with my Stepmom & Little Sister, and guess what my Dad and Stepmom got me? 10 weeks of Weight Watchers! It came with a whole starter kit with point guides and everything. So, they expire in April, but between that and the free month, if I start it at the beginning of February, I could get in 12 free weeks. My Stepmom said that they didn't want me to not have the opportunity to do it if I was willing to commit to it just because I can't afford it, and she said that after the 10 weeks if I am doing well and like it, that they would keep me going with it. I'm really touched - it's not necessarily a conventional Christmas gift, but it means a lot to me to have this kind of support from my family. Between my Stepmom & my Mom (who pays for my gym membership) I just HAVE to get this DONE this year!

So, as long as the endocrinologist agrees that Weight Watchers is a good way to go, I'll find one near my house and get started. The nice thing is that if my husband wants to do it with me, we'll have all the resources so we can kind of get 2 for 1. It will be more difficult for him with his gluten free diet, but we could probably kind of rig up our own system if he wants to do it.

Speaking of the endocrinologist, I DID call them yesterday, but they hadn't received my referral yet. They said when they got it, they'd call me to make an appointment. I called my regular doctor and it turns out they only sent over my info on Tuesday (even though my appointment was almost 2 weeks before that). I might not have a chance to call and check if it's been reviewed tomorrow since I'll be travelling with Sam all day (going home), so if not, I should DEFINITELY be able to make the appointment on Monday. I'm hoping to get in fast, that they'll be not too busy and be able to take me soon so I can get started.


Megan R. said...

Good for you! Weight watchers is truly a great system. It's not a diet, but a lifestyle change. I did it a few years back, and lost about 30 pounds. I chose to do the "core" system, instead of the points, because that worked better for me.

I wouldn't mind doing it again, but I am severely lacking in motivation. I am in a very similar boat, and can't afford a gym membership or WW.

Daisy said...

Wishing you good luck with WW and with the endocrinologist.