January 29, 2009

Top Chef NY: Week 10 - "There is no reason to eat vegetable when there is meat and fish around."

Well, I'm back watching Top Chef. I watched the episode from Jan 14 the other day, but it's been two weeks, and then unfortunately my DVR did NOT record the restaurant wars episode while I was on vacation, so I missed it.

Oh well, back on the bus with last night's episode. First off, wow, drama in the Top Chef house! Hosea and Leah heatin' things up... I don't really remember the last time this happened on THIS show (if it ever has). I'd have to assume that it has - how could all these people live in such close quarters and never have things like this happen?

Also, that pinata shirt Hosea was wearing last week? The on that said "I'd Hit That"? My husband totally has that shirt because when I saw it on the rack I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyhow, it looks like I missed a good episode (bummer). Stefan was the winner and Radhika was sent home. I'm not sorry to see her go - Id on't feel like she was very passionate, and she didn't seem to be putting herself into it full force like some of the other contestants are.

Quickfire Challenge

Pair whole grain oats with food group (chosen blind) to create an original dish (sponsored by Quaker Oats).

Fabio: "There is no reason to eat vegetable when there is meat and fish around". Quote of the week.

What a weird challenge. And, at this point, no immunity anymore, but they'll start to get some more interesting prizes for winning the quickfires. I can't wait to see what they do with the oats. Jamie's shrimp idea impressed me, it sounded pretty good!

Stefan... banana mousse with oatmeal didn't sound appealing to me. Fabio's dish DID look funny. It looked like those no bake cookies. But he wasn't happy the guest judge chuckled at it. Oh well. It IS a funny challenge. Stefan ended up winning with his little desserts. He really is on a roll with winning challenges.

Elimination Challenge

Top Chef Bowl?! And they're competing against past season competitors. Andrew (season 4), Josie (2), Andrea (1), Spike (4), Camille (3), Nikki (4) and Miguel (1). The challenge is to compete against one of the previous contestants in a head to head contest based on the regional cuisine of a football team. Stefan got to choose which region he wanted to make AND which chef he wanted to cook against as his advantage for winning the quickfire. Also they only get 20 minutes, 2 hours to plan.

I liked seeing Andrew back, I actually really liked watching him compete during season 4. Anyone who loses their head to head will be up for elimination. I have actually come to like Carla too. She still has crazy eyes, but I've come to like those crazy eyes! She seems genuinely nice and like a cool person. Actually, out of the seven contestants left, there is no one that I really dislike, which is interesting to me. Usually there's at least one person I can't stand. I'm not a huge fan of Leah, so I guess she would be my first choice to leave. My favorites are Hosea, Carla and Jamie. Although I do love Fabio for giving me post titles every week from the things he says.

Leah v. Nikki (NY) - Ew. Chicken livers. That didn't play out well. Leah gets the touchdown (7 pts), but Nikki gets the field goal (3 pts).

Hosea v. Miguel (Seattle) - Salmon was a good choice as far as regional. I thought Hosea's dish looked mroe appealing, and a salmon roll is definitely Seattle-ish. Hosea wins (7 and 3).

Carla v. Andrew (New Orleans) - They both cook crawfish. I thought that Carla's gumbo idea was GREAT, and that it was definitely more football-ish than Andrews raw crawfish. I thought she got the regional part head on. Carla wins (7)! Andrew gets 3.

Stefan v. Andrea (Dallas) - Prime rib, sounds good, but for the football I thought the chili idea was great. It's a tie, so it's fan's choice, and Andrea wins. I felt so bad they were all acting like he must be joking about losing, but he wasn't!

Jamie v. Camille (San Fran) - I thought that Jamie's dish was visually way more appealing. It looked so pretty! I liked that she had the sourdough too, since that's such a big San Francisco thing. It's another tie, so the crowd chooses, and they choose Jamie for all 10 points.

Jeff v. Josie (Miami) - I thought ceviche by definition was cold? But Josie made a hot ceviche. I dunno. I thought Jeff's dish looked pretty. Josie wins out with the judges and the audience.

So at this point it's ALL up to Fabio. As long as he wins the crowd, he'll be okay but if he loses all 10 points they lose.

Fabio v. Spike (Green Bay) - I liked Fabio's dish - cheddar & venison both very regional. He was being so funny, they definitely put on the best show. Fabio gives me another classic - "If your food is as big as your mouth, you'll win for sure!" The judges go with Spike... and the crowd goes with FABIO! So, the home team wins!

I didn't expect Fabio, Stefan and Jeff to be the ones on the chopping block. Of those three, I am hoping Jeff goes home because I think Fabio and Stefan are just way too entertaining to me, and Stefan has been doing so well.

In the end, Carla won (crazy eyes!) and she gets to go to the Super Bowl (super crazy eyes!)! It's so uncomfortable when the contestants get into it with the judges. Stefan's apology and calling the judges sir is more the attitude I'd probably take! Jeff argued with the judges too. And Jeff it was. He's out. So, we're down to the final six!

Leah, Carla, Jamie, Hosea, Stefan and Fabio. I thought Fabio's comment to the judges was gracious, and I'm glad he said it.

Next week... eels?!

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