January 11, 2009

Step 1: Don't Get Naked With An Intern

You know what I'm loving about Grey's Anatomy? The friendship between Callie & Sloan. I just enjoy their funny, friendly chemistry in every scene they do together. I love that their relationship shows his girlier side and her more guy-like side.

What else did I think this week? ENOUGH already with the Izzy/Denny. I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I absolutely do. I loved Denny. But I can't stand this anymore. I wish they would just reveal her medical issue!

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Todd X. said...

I have to admit, here and now, that I quit watching GA two years ago. I just lost interest. McDreamy, McSteamy, McAddison, McSeattle, McGhosty, McDeleting the series recording from my DVR. I think it was the 3-part ferry disaster episode that they treated like the second 9/11. I couldn't suspend enough disbelief.