January 9, 2009

Let the Right One In

Well, it is a vampire movies, so of course I was going to see it.

It was an artsy, foreign vampire movie.

With kids.

I went and saw this Swedish import the other day with a couple of friends. It was one of those movies that I had thoughts while I was watching about how it was INTERESTING. It sort of turns out to be one of those movies where afterward I'm glad I saw it just for the sake of seeing it. It kind of goes back to that whole award thing - I had heard that it was getting good reviews.

The kids in the movie were very good in their roles. The girl who played the 12 year old vampire in the movie was dark and quiet, but only creepy at the right times. I find looking back on it and thinking of it as 'heavy', while I was watching it and afterwards, it sort of hung around me like a cloak, the story at many times neither happy or sad, just... there.

This is just a short one - if you're a fan of Vampire movies, and like to see something different once in a while, you should see it. If you're a fan of foreign films who isn't sqeamish about horror, you should see it too. If you don't like reading at the movies, don't see it because it's subtitled.

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