January 1, 2009

Hopes, Wishes & Resolutions for the New Year

Thirteen Hopes, Wishes & Resolutions for 2009!

1. Resolution: Okay, so my Dad got me a subscription to "The Economist" for Christmas. I admit that I have not read this magazine. So, my first resolution is to actually read every issue of this magazine that I get this year, and to become more knowledgeable about current events and the world in general.

2. Resolution: Well, while we're at it... read every issue of Entertainment Weekly, which I also have a subscription to.

3. Hope: I can't wait to see Obama take office, and I hope that he'll be successful in starting the transformation that this country so desperately needs.

4. Hope: I hope that Justin will get to work in a job that he really enjoys and that won't cause him the amount of stress that his work is currently causing him.

5. Wish: I wish for a less stressful year for everyone I know, I wish them good health and prosperity.

6. Resolution: I will get more exercise, I will use the gym membership my Mom got me at least 3 times a week.

7. Resolution: I will arrange for my Mom to watch Sam at least twice a month, on regular days, so that Justin and I can have scheduled date nights to look forward to and spend time nurturing our relationship and not just our family.

8. Hope: I hope to join the Kulshan Chorus so I can sing with my Mom.

9. Wish: I wish for some resolution to our housing situation, to figure out where we're going to be a little bit more long term than just six months, and to head towards settling down.

10. Hope: I hope that I will be able to find a job so that we'll be able to actually pay our bills!

11. Wish: I wish for happy and healthy pregnancies to continue for my friends Amy & Jamie!

12. Resolution: To sign Sam up for a class with me, maybe a music class where we can sing and dance.

13. Resolution: I'm going to renew my goal and up it by 2 - read 52 books in 2009!

What are your wishes and hopes for the New Year?

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Daisy said...

By subscribing to the magazines rather than reading online, you are also supporting the economy. Great goals! Have a happy 2009!

Megan R. said...

Wow, 52 books!??! That is great!! I don't think I'd make that goal....unless The Cat in the Hat counts?

Shannon said...

Here is to a fabulous 2009!