January 26, 2009

Grey's Anatomy is BACK

Finally. The last 2 episodes of Grey's were so good! Here's why.

I was TIRED of Christina and Meredith fighting. It sucked. The way they resolved it was awesome, FINALLY something that was more important than a petty fight. And way to go McDreamy for bringing them back together.

I was TIRED of stupid even-smilier, giddier than usual Izzy and her hallucination of a boyfriend. I love you Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I absolutely do, but I was getting really tired of the dead fiance sex. I am SO glad they are finally getting to the reason.

I am loving the Lexie/Sloan thing. It's interesting and new.

I still love Bailey, that is one amazing actress, and a lot of times she's the real star of the show.

I loved Eric Stoltz guest run as the prisoner and the situations he created.

I can't wait for the McJourneyman/Christina thing to flesh out, and that scene where he was in the shower at her place nearly broke my heart.


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