January 2, 2009


Short Review:


I LOVED Hugh Jackman's Australian Cowboy.

I LOVED Nicole Kidman's stiff maternalness, and proper lady falling in love.

I LOVED the beautiful story, the mixing of Aboriginal legends mixed with a true Western.

I LOVED the scenes with the horses, the beauty of Australia.

I LOVED the love story between unlikely mates.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Brandon Walters, the little boy who captures your heart from almost the first moment of the movie.

I LOVED the narration, even though at first I wasn't so sure about it.

I LOVED Hugh Jackman's gut reaction to seeing his presumed-dead love alive again, one of those moments that will stick in my mind for years and give Jackman a huge boost in credit from me.


I think everyone should see it. It's a true Western. It's a movie that reminds us why sometimes it's super awesome to have really villainous villains, almost sillily uptight and out of normal situation ladies, and a real man of a man hero to save the day. It's long, but you'll never notice. I would watch it again in a heartbeat.

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