December 1, 2008


True to his word, Justin got the first available appointment with family doctor today. Family doctor listened to the story of what had happened over the weekend, and his first thought was NOT that the ADD meds (adderall) caused anything. He also took a urine sample. After hearing all the symptoms he jumped up and said he had to look something up.

He came back into the room with another word: Carcinoid. AKA Carcinoid Tumor. It sounds like a possibility, he said. He called the GI doctor that Justin had seen before and sometime in the next day or two to have some more tests done, including a CAT scan to check for a tumor on Justin's appendix or intestines.


Scary words.

It's not the most horrible thing in the world. But more words came up.



Then... the other words.



Nothing is for sure. Nothing is diagnosed yet. Best case, he has it and they can treat it. Why would it be best case if he actually had a tumor? Because it would be an ANSWER. Worst case is not something I'll even consider at this point.

It will probably be fine. But, words can stick with you, and words can be scary. If you're the praying type, now would be an excellent time to say a few words for us. Thanks.


Shana said...

I will definitely be thinking of less scary words for you guys.
Keeping you in my thoughts...

Immoral Matriarch said...

You're in my thoughts love. :)

Kori said...

You know what? All I can say is WTF? Really. You are SO in my thoughts and prayers today.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

You are most definitely in my thoughts and prayers, as you often are. If you need ANYTHING, be a luv and let me know, K? Even if it's just a shoulder.