December 18, 2008

What Would YOU do?

Today, Maria at Immoral Matriarch posed this question on her blog...

If you knew that tomorrow the world would end. No ‘miracles’ possible, no way out, nothing. It was going to happen, with 100% certainty. What would you do? For you? Your children and/or significant other? Would you commit suicide? Would you suck it up and burn?

I started to leave a comment, but it got long. So, what would I do?

I would get my sister up here from Seattle.
I would call my Mom and we would gather.
We would not cry, there would be no time for that.
We would be with Sam.
I would have Cinnabon.
I would take Sam to the grocery store and let him buy whatever he wanted.
When we got home, I would let him be naked, no diapers or clothes to restrain him.
I would hug him.
I would kiss him.
I would let him paint the walls with his hands.
I would eat pizza and let Sam eat hummus and cookies and pancakes.
I would let him have soda.
I would give him play doh and not care where it got mashed into the carpet.
I would let him take a bath and splash as much as he wanted to.

I would pray for a quick end for everyone I loved.
And I would drug him.
I would drug myself.
And I would go to sleep one final time, with my husband one one side and my boy on the other, wrapped in my arms.

Happy, and fulfilled, loved, and in love.


Kori said...

I already answered this on Maria's post and I don't have the courage to answer again. Let's just say that our ideas are very, very similar.

Dee from Downunder said...

Thats a good way to go.....

Immoral Matriarch said...

Damn good day, it sounds like to me.