December 18, 2008

Top Chef NY: Week 6 - You don't win with a deviled egg

It's that time of week again! Top Chef! I wasn't thinking about it and then looked at the DVR and was happy!

You may have noticed that there was NO recap last week. That's because after the two weeks I'd had, last Thursday night I was SO TIRED that I could barely stay awake to WATCH the show, let alone try and write a whole blog post in any intelligent manner.

So, last week's episode the quickfire was a tasting - naming as many ingredients as they could in soups and bases, which I quite enjoyed. For the elimination challenge they catered Gail Simmon's wedding shower, and Daniel was sent home.

Okay, I totally liked the clips of Fabio and Stefan together. So funny!

Quickfire Challenge

Create a delicious Holiday meal with only one pot! The quickfires are getting more exciting, more interesting & challenging. And... MARTHA STEWART! Wow. How freaking intimidating would it be to have her tasting your food?! I like that Ariane and Jamie are kinda partnering up, but it seems like at some point it might become a problem or something. I thought the pork stew was a good idea because it's really comfort food, which we all like around the holidays, right? Stefan's veal Celtic thing I think fit the challenge really well, another kind of comfort food but stepped up a notch. I thought it was funny when Martha Stewart said Jeffrey's dish was PUNGENT. Oh my gosh, my heart would have just sank. So, she liked Jamie, Hosea, and Ariane. Ariane is certainly doing well! She's on a streak!

And the winner... Ariane!

Elimination Challenge

Cater a holiday party for AMFAR. 250 guests, advocates and celebritites. Inspired by one of the days of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'.

And... The Harlem Gospel Choir! Okay, I admit that was a little weird, and you could totally see the chefs were like what the eff? What is going on? So funny. Then they sang the themes for the event. It will be interesting to see how they interpret the 12 days of Christmas - some are easier than other (ie ladies dancing vs. french hens).

I liked Hosea's interpretation of doing something smoked for the pipers piping, although I don't think that's what the song means. BUT, it's all about interpretation. The guinea hen/puff pastry/squash thing sounds good! Poor Fabio with the nine ladies dancing. He's hilarious.

When they walked in to the kitchen and the fridge had not been closed completely... DISASTER. I can't even imagine how disappointed they must have been. It's a complete disaster. I feel so bad for them all, and whoever left that fridge open... oh man. I just think it's horrible. I know they have to work with what they have, but this is just so extreme. I'm glad that everyone pitched in though, it's true what Eugene said - what goes around comes around. And for this to happen during the HOLIDAY episode- how perfect, right?

I hate the word CHUTNEY. I don't know why. But, Pear Chutney sounds yummy! Radikha's dish sounded very good. I also love the mushroom representing the turtle in turtle doves. Funny, but you have to make it work!

I thought it was funny that both of the people whose proteins got spoiled in the fridge were in the top four. It made me wonder if that actually GAVE them more of an advantage. And... Hosea wins! He is one of my favorites at this point along with Ariane.

I couldn't believe that Jamie ended up in the bottom three after the way she's been doing. That was too bad. It's never a good idea to listen to the judges and act shocked and like you don't know why you're there. You should always listen, and consider their points of view and take it in and try to learn something. I feel like they should know that by now - if you can't learn and you're just doing your own thing, it's not going to get you anywhere good in a competition like this.

It was sad that all of the judges were disappointed by the food in general, especially with an event like that. Although asking one person to make food for 250 people by themselves is a pretty big challenge, and one that probably would not happen with a real caterer. I think that maybe there should be a shirt this season that says "You don't win with a deviled egg". That's funny.

And they didn't send anyone home! Wow. That is crazy. How amazing, and what a second chance for the people in the bottom three.

Next week's phrase of the week fromt he previews: "This is Top Chef, not Top Scallops".


David Dust said...

I never thought about it, but you are right - "chutney" is a gross word. Nice recap!

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Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

Thanks for the recap since I didn't see it!!! Sounds like a crazy adventure in the kitchen!!! And, true, chutney is a weird word.


Tiffany said...

I've never watched this show. I'm with you on the word "chutney"