December 6, 2008

Saturday Share

Well, it's been one heck of a week! Here's some stuff to read to help you relax over the weekend!
  • Check out my posts at SNOTW Presents! This week I talked about what's coming up and this week's episode of Top Chef NY! Tune in next week for my thoughts on all the shows and how they're doing now that the season is half over!
  • Visit Loralee at Loralee's Looney Tunes to find out what she wants to know, and share what YOU really want to know!
  • Catherine at Her Bad Mother shares the next chapter in the story of searching for her lost brother.
  • Danny at Dad Gone Mad shares the first look at his new book, coming out this year (can't wait!).
  • You need to go to Amalah. His name is Ezra and he will make you squee until your cheeks fall off.
  • Visit Heaven's Gift for an amazing post about Gotcha Day!
  • Go back to Loralee's Looney Tunes for a post about a problem and Loralee's amazing strength in trying to overcome it.
  • Visit Rebecca at Girl's Gone Child to read about how wonderful things are before they get complicated.
  • Read about Janet's Thanksgiving surprise at The Planet of Janet.
  • Head over to fourfour for an insightful and well written post about Britney.
  • Last, but certainly not least, visit Kori at See Kori Rant. Indescribable & beautiful.
Did you read a post this week that you absolutely loved? Leave a comment so I can check it out!

Have a great weekend!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Well, if you're up for a laugh, Anna from Like Just Keeps Getting Weirder is in rehab

Nap Warden said...

I read about Janet...She's the best!

Dawn said...

My mom has cancer. For a few solid hours I was able to forget. Read here.