December 26, 2008

Raising the Bar

We just got caught up on TNT's new show 'Raising the Bar', which stars Jane Kaczmarek and Mark Paul Gosselar.

My favorite character on the show though, is Charlie (Jonathan Scarfe), Judge Kessler's law secretary . I loved the progression which ended up in him coming out, first to Kessler, then to MPG. Then, coming out randomly at the bar to his lawyer friends, it was perfect. Then being forced to resign... that sucked for him, but he WAS carrying on an illicit affair with his boss.

I absolutely loved the season closer, with Dr. Dillon in court for soliciting a prostitute! The cases they process every week are really similar. It usually involves Jerry (MPG) yelling overdramatically at the judge about the unfairness of the system and why things should be different for his client. That's not what makes this show interesting. It has great character backstories, and that's what brought me into it. I'd definitely recommend this as one to watch, especially since TNT tends to give shows more of a chance before deciding their fate.

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