December 29, 2008


Look at this:
Holy cow, it's pretty, isn't it? I can just imagine one of my pretty blue mugs sitting under a steaming stream of delicious hot cocoa or tea on a rainy day.

What brought this to my attention?

Well, it just so happens that the ladies over at SITS (which you need to check out pronto because it is an awesome place to be) are GIVING ONE AWAY! Seriously. If you click right here, you can enter. And... I don't want you to win it. I mean, I realize I'm posting the contest right here for you to see. And enter. But I'm really just doing it so that I have a higher chance of winning. Haha.

So, now that I said that, you should DEFINITELY go enter, because I totally just stuck my tongue out at Karma, and you will probably win it now.


rachael said...

i saw that, it looks fantastic!

Michelle said...

OHHHH I'm there.That is gorgeous..Thanks.

Daisy said...

I'm craving coffee now...must go reheat a cup. Somehow, not the same.

Anne-Marie said...

It's beautiful! I actually just got a coffee roaster for Christmas - a mini one that is the size of a popcorn popper - and that is making our morning coffee absolutely delish.