December 29, 2008

Heroes, Villians, Charisma!

*Contains Spoilers* Guess what I did last night? If you guessed 'watched 6 episodes of Heroes in a row', you win! Sorry though, there's no prize. I got WAY behind on Heroes this season. I think that as of two weeks ago I had 10 episodes saved up in my DVR. For some reason, I just didn't watch - partly because it's one of the shows I watch that I actually have to WATCh and pay attention to, so it doesn't work that well for me to be reading blogs or blogging or whatever while I'm watching.

In a way though, I'm glad that I got behind! I've heard a lot about this season and what people thought of it, and watching the six episodes in a row like I did last night made me get really into it and not want to stop watching! Regardless of however the season began, I have to say that by the end, Heroes was BACK in a major way. The last four episodes just got better and better! I love how they do the little teaser previews at the end of each volume. So, here are my questions...

Is Sylar really dead?

I actually hope he is. He was a great character, but how much more villainy can we really stomach from him? I mean, he's tortured, killed, seemed good but then been obviously bad, and then turned into that guy from Saw trying to pit them all against each other. He was an interesting addition, while he lasted, but I am READY for something new, so I hope that was really the end.

What happened to the light when Arthur Petrelli died?

Just wondering. Was the light only a catalyst for the formula, or is/was there more to it? Did it die with Arthur, or did it go somewhere else? Maybe this isn't important, but who knows?

When people were injected with the formula that had and lost powers (ie Peter Petrelli) would they automatically regain all the powers they had before?

Just something I was wondering after Peter injected himself. I don't know the answer.

Will Hiro get his powers back?

Now, Ando has powers and Hiro doesn't. What will happen? Will Hiro get any powers back? Which leads into...

Was the formula really destroyed?

I have a feeling that it wasn't, and that even if it was that Suresh and Tracy are off somewhere trying to recreate it.

Is it awesome that Worf is the new president?


Can't wait for the next volume... Fugitives.

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