December 12, 2008

Haiku Friday: An Evening in Three Parts

Haiku Friday

An Evening In Three Parts


He didn't want to
leave the sitters today, the
first time for that one

Wanted to stay and
play with his friends, we smiled
at our growing boy

After days of not
eating, picking like a mouse
he finally eats

Hummus! Hummus! He
is excited and eats spoon-
ful after spoonful!


A sweet symphony
Of yells and cries mixed in with
Scripted TV talk

Have you ever heard
of this thing, fluffer nutter?
Have heard but not tried

Until tonight, my
tongue basked in the glory of
PB, Marshmallow

Savor every bite
lick marshmallow from fingers
and go to comfort


I rock him lightly
cradling him in my tired
arms, talking to him

"I'm sorry I made
Daddy put you to bed, you
asked me to do it"

"I love you so much,
but it's time for bed, time to
go to sleep and dream"

Put him in the crib,
he whines but lets me cover
him, tuck in blanket

He whines when I leave
but doesn't get up, the day
is finally done

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Mimi said...

That was really touching!

Dumblond said...

You have a gift...

Michelle said...

Ferber does wonders, doesn't it?

Kimberly said...

Wow - you are a haiku goddess!

Stefanie said...

Beautiful. I love the end of the day more than anything!