November 24, 2008


** This review contains spoilers for anyone who has not read Twilight **

What did I do this weekend?  Among other things, I went to see TWILIGHT on Saturday afternoon.  Holy vampire hotness.  Here are my thoughts...

First off, I will point out that I DEVOURED the books.  I absolutely loved them, and thought the last one was great.  I know some people didn't like the last one as much, but I thought it was amazing.  So, I was really anticipating the movie, but also slightly nervous.  

The thing is, sometimes things go REALLY bad for me when I try to watch movie adaptations.  Like Chocolat.  I did not like that.  Sometimes, they really screw things up.  I know that they can't put in every detail, because then movies would be six hours long (which actually I would think was awesome, but not everyone would).  So, I accept that they're going to have to change things a little bit when it comes to the main story as well as side plots.  So, I always worry a little bit when I go into an adaptation that I've read.  This becomes doubly true when it's something I read and LOVED.  

I wasn't convinced about Robert Pattinson before I watched the movie.  He just wasn't Edward to me.  Guess what?  HE IS NOW!  He was hot.  Yes, sometimes he was a little wooden, but I think that's part of the character.  He was put totally out of his comfort zone by meeting Bella, and that affected his behavior.  I thought he was amazing.

Kristen Stewart was great as Bella.  She was pretty, but not amazing.  She was... normal.  Which is exactly what she should be.  She is that clumsy, slightly awkward but coming into her own teenage girl.  One of the things that makes Bella such a wonderful character for teenage girls is that they can relate to her, and Stewart did pull that off.

They pulled it off.  Their chemistry was amazing.  Both in the book and the movie, one of the things that makes them so amazingly hot is how long they have to hold off before they even kiss, and I'll tell you what - that first kiss in the movie was INCREDIBLY hot.  Also, did you know that baseball is hot?  'Cause it is.  I loved that scene.  I loved the way Alice held herself when she pitched.  I just love the whole idea of it.  It was really good.  I did find it funny that they were all wearing uniform clothes, because I didn't get that from the book.

I liked the Cullen family.  I have a little trouble with Elisabeth Reaser because she was Ava on Grey's Anatomy and I sort of hated her a little bit.  But, she was good as Esme.  My friend Violet didn't like Alice because she pictured her a little smaller and a little odder, but I thought that she was great.  I also liked Rosalee, she wasn't as thin or traditionally beautiful as I would have pictured, but her facial expressions were great.  The scene where Edward brought Bella to his house to meet his family was hilarious and perfect.  

I was also unsure about the actor who they cast as Jacob, because in all the shots I'd seen he was pictured with a wide grin and rosy cheeks.  I just couldn't picture him getting angry or beastly or anything.  But then at the end of the movie when he showed up at prom and was mad... I got a glimpse of what he could be, and now I think maybe he'll actually be great in the sequel.  Which I absolutely CANNOT wait for.

Now, there were a couple of things that I was less excited about.  The scenes with Edward running/climbing trees etc. were not that realistic, but it didn't really matter, because it fit.  I do wish they had tried a little harder to explain the Bella/Edward relationship.  I know it's probably a time issue, but if you had not read the books, I don't think it would come across why they were so in love because it was sudden.  I also don't think it was emphasized enough why it was hard for Edward - that he REALLY wanted to eat her and that's why he was rude.  

Here is my biggest caveat... if you have not read the books yet, but want to read them BEFORE seeing the movie.  It will enhance your viewing experience.  I loved this movie, but I also think that people who have not read the books and fallen in love with the story are not going to be as impressed by it.  I can't look at it from that point of view because I DID read the books - so if you have not, and you saw the movie, let me know what you thought!

All in all, I recommend the books and the movie.  And I think I might go see it again, which is something I haven't done in the theater in a long time.

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Misguided Mommy said...

i posted about this same thing. i really did not like who they cast as esme. i wanted esme to be blonde and more motherly looking. i just couldn't get past AVA as esme. jacob is hot and i can see him getting angry, i cant wait for part two which they are starting soon.

i saw it twice too and i think i will go a third time.

Dawn said...

You and I have almost the exact same thoughts on Twilight.

I hated Jacob's wig. HATED it. James was flipping hot. Alice needed to smaller and with shorter, spikier hair. LOVED Edward and Bella.

And omg, I need to reread the books again. For the 29th time or so...