November 15, 2008

Saturday Share

I'm so happy it's the weekend, mostly because after the last couple of weeks, I'll be VERY happy to leave Sam with my Mom today so that Justin and I can spend a little time together.  Maybe we'll go see the new James Bond movie!  Here are some posts to check out from this week!
I also discovered a new blog this week - ZooBorns.  Holy cute babies, Batman!  This is a blog where tons of zoos post photos, video and stories about whatever baby animals happen to be joining the world in their neck of the woods.  I discovered it through the Woodland Park Zoo Twitter, and especially like this freaking adorable pygmy hippo and two of my favorite animals in the WORLD in BABY form - pygmy marmosets & red pandas.

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Wendy said...

OMG, zooborns is AMAZING! I just posted about going to the San Diego zoo and now I need to amend to include a link to you and zooborn! Soooo cute!