November 8, 2008

Max Payne

*Contains Mild Spoilers*

I knew I was going to see Max Payne when I first saw the previews, after all, I have a little bit of a thing for Mark Wahlberg and I usually enjoy movies based on video games even when they're hokey because I like action movies, and they usually have fairly fun plots.  

Unfortunately I was a little bit disappointed by this one.  Mark Wahlberg's character was one dimensional, which does well in a video game, but doesn't translate well into a movie that's supposed to entertain you or make you care about the characters.  

I would be interested to know what people who played the game thought about the movie.  My husband has played the game before, but not in a long time and he didn't really remember the details that well.  I know they changed the ending of the movie to leave it wide open for a sequel, which I probably won't bother to go see whenever it ends up being released.

I was personally disappointed because I didn't feel like the previews accurately represented the movie, which really annoys me.  I went into it expecting there to be some sort of Constantine-esque supernatural element to it, and come to find that it's not that at all, just some drug that mysteriously makes all it's users have the same bizarre hallucinations.  I was annoyed by that, because it would have been a lot more interesting to me if the plot had incorporated what I originally thought.  

There were things I did like about it, I like not being able to tell what time a movie takes place in, and whether the world it's happening in is the same as our own.  At first I thought the snow and rain effects were enhancing, but it got old after a while - if it was snowing that much, there would have been snow on the ground and not just ashy looking debris in the air everywhere.  Some of the filming was good, I always like it when they use interesting shots, and some of the camera/special effects when they were under the effect of the drug were interesting.

One thing I thought was really interesting was the cast of this movie.  In previews, and in anything I read, it really only mentioned Mark Wahlberg, then watching the movie many other people showed up, including Donal Logue, Chris O'Donnell, Beau Bridges (gotta love those Bridges) and Mila Kunis.  

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