November 25, 2008

Heads or Tails: All About My Hands

Today's theme for Heads or Tails Tuesday is 'anything you can do with your hands'. It's pretty much free reign here - there are a LOT of answers.  But, you know what I can do with my hands? OPEN BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! WOO!!! Yesterday I posted some fun photos from my birthday weekend, but saved a few for today.  The things I got from my friends were so beautiful, I just want to share them with you.

A beautiful basket, which I promptly filled with all my current knitting projects.


A gorgeous feather wreath containing peacock feathers, one of the most beautiful things in nature.


Something I never imagined... we will be testing these out at Thanksgiving and I will let you know how they are.


This really sweet hippocampus necklace.


There's a little bit more story behind this one. See, my friend Violet, she loves mermaids. And I have a bit of a thing (total understatement) for unicorns. So, we discovered the hippocampus and decided that we should make it into a unicorn mermaid instead of a horse mermaid. She has one of this necklace too, she found it at the Portland Pirate Festival and got one for me too as it looks somewhat unicorny. Another part of her present to me was covering 1/2 the cost of my next tattoo, which will adorn my body before the end of the year! We're going to get a hippocampus - either modeled after the necklace or after a really cool Celtic hippocampus we found online.

Aaaand, last but not least, this gorgeous box, in which I found some gorgeous earrings. In the background you can see a really cool blue and gold picture frame which I got along with a bottle of rum and a bottle of Stirrings Mojito Mix.


What are YOUR hands up to?

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Skittles said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! What wonderful gifts you got to open! I love baskets, peacock feathers, and unique trinket boxes.. especially with jewelry. That's cool about the hippocampus, too.

I don't have any tattoos. I don't think there's room between the stretch marks and varicose veins. :P

What can I do with my hands? First thing that comes to mind is check my blood sugar. I just woke up cuz it felt like it was too low, so I checked it and it was. UGH! Orange juice has been downed. ;)

Shana said...

Ooooo. Those are some cool presents! And your next tattoo sounds way cool. I really want another one as well...but I should make up my mind as to what I want...
Right now, I am trying to keep my hands from scratching the crap out of my head. My incisions are healing, the stitches come out tomorrow and I am going nuts!

anthonynorth said...

Happy Birthday. Some nice gifts there.

Tina said...

i need to get more handy hobbies i think. i more or less just blog! how sad am i lol

happy birthday by way!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love the presents...whoa, you raked 'em in for sure, didn't you? That dragon necklace is super.

Happy Birthday.

My 'hands' Heads or Tails is published. But you'll have to scroll down beyond the last of my King's Ranch series of photos.

Inspiration Alley said...

Happy Birthday.Looks like you had some great presents.

Lynette said...

what a beautiful wreath! Looks like you got a lot of fabulous goodies. I'm angling for another tattoo myself, although the hubs has mentioned that he did NOT marry a biker chick. (sure he did, he plans on getting a