November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Haiku Friday
I have worked this day
a few times in the past, and
hope never again!

I vow not to spend,
Black Friday is too crazy
shopping mania.

Hubby is taking
the day off work, we will spend
it with Sam, family.

If you dare to brave
these crazy early sales, I
wish you lots of luck!

Shopping or not, hope you all have a great day!  

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Bonus:  In case you missed it, something very special happened at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.



Greyscale Territory said...

Not really sure what this Black Friday in the States means! It seems to mean a crazy day for crazy pre-Christmas sales!

Loved your haiku of the feelings attached!

maggie's mind said...

And the madness begins. I am glad not to be working retail on this day. Serious pandemonium. The economy can use whatever it can get this year though, too. That video was too funny! Yep, I missed it and didn't see that coming. :)

Amanda said...

I worked black friday for like 4 years and I never want to do it again. The people who go out are crazy!!

Eaton Bennett said...

Ah, the penny has finally dropped, you are all blogging in your Haiku's.
What is Black Friday?...i'm an Aussie, and it sounds pretty gruesome. :)

Shana said...

Yeah, I stay home on Black Friday. Don't wanna go nowhere!

I loved the Foster's float! And that they had the real Rick Astley perform?! That was so funny! Rick Rolled! hahahahaha

storyteller said...

Working retail on Black Friday must be the WORST ever! These days I choose to skip the sales and the chaos.
Hugs and blessings,