November 13, 2008

Bedtime Hai-blues

Haiku Friday

At nine forty it's
finally back to bed and
I resign myself

I will listen to
crying, as it gives way to<
babbles then more tears

I hate this fight, this
bedtime battle of wills, why
won't he go to sleep?

After 10 and he
goes back and forth from crying
to random words, sounds.

Sounds get quieter
further in between words and
I pray he's asleep

Ten minutes pass and
absolute silence, then a
word, a small high voice.

Twenty more minutes
it's finally quiet now
sound sleep at long last.

We've been having some sleep issues in our little abode.  On Wednesday night, Sam didn't go to bed until 1 AM, we tried putting him down several times and there was tons of crying and screaming and up and down and it was just horrible.  Tonight when I tried to put him down at 8:30 he was just not seeming tired at all, and just cried and cried.  I let him cry for about 30 minutes, then got him up, put him back down at 9:30 and it's taken a full hour for him to go to sleep, alternating between crying and talking, then just talking and babbling.

I don't know if I'm just being paranoid or reading into things, but it almost seems like he really doesn't like his crib anymore.  We've been lucky that we've been able to use it this long, and that he doesn't try to climb out of it or anything.  But I am starting to think that he just doesn't like being in there anymore.  Justin's Mom is going to get Sam a big boy bed for Christmas, but that's a while off, so I'm hoping that maybe he'll start going down easier before that.  Otherwise we're in for a LONG two months...

Wish us luck this weekend...  I'll be hoping for easier bedtimes!

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the planet of janet said...

ohhhhh. there is nothing worse than sleep issues.

good luck, hon!!

(btw, my word verification is devel. think that means anything?!?!)

Shana said...

Oh that's rough. My daughter went through a patch of that when she was about three. Couldn't find out exactly what was wrong...she just would go down easy. I hate losing sleep...

Cathy said...

Letting them cry it out feels so awful, but it was the only way I could get my kids to sleep through the night.

maggies mind said...

Ugh, yep, that's rough. I'm hoping things will get better even before the big boy bed. Good luck!

Mariposa said... nephew get hyperactive in the evening...and he is so up starting around 8PM...good thing his loving Aunt is an we play 'til he pass out...LOL

Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

Those sleep issues come and go. My 3 year old is back in a bad cycle lately.
Hang in there!
Great 'ku!

HeatherY said...

Do you have a set bedtime routine? I know my daughter needs a little time to settle down from her day. She has a bath then we clean up all her toys. She crawls into her toddler bed and I read her a couple of books. It has taken a little while to get there but now she knows her routine and what is expected. It has made a huge difference.

We had to let her CIO for a while too. It'll get easier with time.

Melissa said...

Oh, I do not miss those times....

One night, at about that age, my son absolutely refused to get into his crib (imagine a cat putting it's paws on the sides of the washbasin and you get the idea). Fortunately, we had a crib that converted into a toddler bed so we had to change it over RIGHT THEN. In the middle of the night.

Hang in there.

Dawn said...

So I think I just fell in love with you, of course in a very non-freaky sort of way.