October 7, 2008

Saturday Share: Tuesday Edition!

Well, the truth is that I was sick over the weekend, and busy, so I didn't get my Saturday Share links up on time.  So, since I'm going to be busy packing and spending time with Sam before I have to leave him for a week on Wednesday, I decided to put up my links today!

If you need some good reads for the week, check these out - you won't be disappointed!
  • Lotus at Sarcastic Mom and Loralee at Loralee's Looney Tunes have some AMAZING NEWS!  Go congratulate them!
  • Todd at Iced Tea & Sarcasm helps us figure out how to be an AWESOME debator, like Sarah Palin.
  • Auds at Barking Mad gives us a chance to help her decide who to vote for.  For a great read, and a good think, keep reading through the comments.  For a lighter read, see this post, where she shows us what happens when markers go bad.
  • Mrs. Chicken at Chicken & Cheese reminds us how hard it is to find balance, but also why it's totally worth it.
  • Mrs. Flinger created the perfect birth control!
  • HUGE congratulations to Rebecca of Girl's Gone Child on her beautiful new daughter Fable.  Check out her cuteness & congratulate Rebecca here!
  • I just can't help posting this link to Zoot because the pictures are just tooo cute!
  • What if the world could vote?  See what, at Sweetney's Linkblog.
  • Don't forget to head over to Petroville and check out the September Perfect Post nominees.
  • Y at Joy Unexpected posts a hilarious story that you have to read to believe.  Three words:  dancing midget elf.
  • Black Hockey Jesus writes something beautiful (again).
  • Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil has a really important message - protecting our kids is up to us!
  • And of course, never to be left out - fourfour's recap of last week's ANTM!

1 comment:

Auds at Barking Mad said...

There you went and did it again! You're going to give me a big head with all this linky love! Thank you!

I totally feel ya on the not feeling well thing. I have been slammed once again with the mother of all sinus thingys. OMG it's painful.

Hope things are going well for you guys over there! I waved, did ya see me?