October 10, 2008

Haikus, Vacations & Poetry

Haiku Friday

I hear you knocking
but I'm not home now, you see
I flew out Wednesday!

Back to Jersey for
my cousins wedding, and a
short visit as well.

As you read this now,
I am with my Dad for the
first time since Christmas!

Then I will get to
visit with my stepmom and
little sister too.

Will be back to my
normal posting by next week
But in the meantime

I leave you with a
poem, a hello and goodbye
hope you enjoy it!

Hello there! I will be back to posting as normal next week, and hopefully will have gotten some more great inspiration on this trip like I did last time! For today, I am posting an old poem I wrote that I still really like. Hope you enjoy!

South Ken

I walk, surrounded
by the sounds of buskers,
the sight of husks full of people
sleeping bag cocoons of bodies.

These sights, sounds and feelings
send me reeling with awe,
the shock of a flaw in such a magical city
overflows my mind.

Voices pull me back, flush
with the rush of normal people bustling,
by, accustomed to hustling by and ignoring
“Homeless and Hungry – Please can you help?”

Imagine living
a life dependant on the giving of strangers
facing the dangers of cold and sickness
with only a sleeping bag and cardboard sign.

Playing a flute
in a putrid underground tunnel
people funneling by with glassy, uncaring eyes
thinking ‘maybe if I had smaller change’.

I pause before wood,
tiny statues laid on blankets, and should I buy
a polished lion or butterfly just to feel better?
I don’t meet his eyes.

And we walk
surrounded by din, talk winding around us like a snake
I can’t seem to shake off this white noise
wondering why
we never stop to wonder why.

That's all for now! Goodbye, have a great weekend, and to read more haikus, head over here.


the planet of janet said...

have a great trip!

terrific poetry today...

Jenn in Holland said...

Wow! Sounds like a great trip!
Fun haiku and lovely poetry.

Kelley said...

Have a wonderful time :)

And the poem was haunting.

Honey Mommy said...

Thanks for the double dose of poetry today!

Enjoy your family! I don't get to see mine very often either.

Amanda said...

I hope that you enjoy your trip! Seeing family for the first time in a while is always such a good feeling! I enjoyed both your haiku and your poem, so keep up the good work and enjoy your mini-vacation!

Lilacspecs said...

Have a fun trip!

kouji | haiku said...

lovely being with family. :)

^ oh no. spam! :O

Nap Warden said...

Hope your trip was great...wonderful haiku:)