October 23, 2008

Giving Thanks

Haiku Friday

I sit on the couch
he sits on my chest this boy
little man of mine

Some days I hold him
look back on the last two years
every moment there

Some days I hold him
and wonder where the time went
when did he get big?

I hold him those days
his body long and lean, he
is so amazing

These days, new words are
spilling out like water from
a fountain of glee

Every day so full
of love, laughter, wonder, and
exploration - LIFE

At 29 months, Sam is finally REALLY talking.  He has words that he uses regularly, and every single day now, there are new words, pouring from his mouth.  He repeats things we say, repeats things he hears on TV - and we can really tell what he's saying.  It's just amazign, incredible to watch.  Whenever he repeats a word for us, we just laugh and cheer and celebrate.  What a truly amazing time.

Last week I got news that three people I knew by association or directly had died.  I read some posts online about hardships that people are facing, and I felt so blessed.  I have this amazing life, despite the hardships that we have faced this year - we have each other.  I have this amazing little boy who is a total joy and the most incredible husband that I could have asked for.

No matter how hard it gets, life can be good if we make it good.

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monica said...

it's great to remember the blessings we do have and to appreciate them!!

Shana said...

Now that your little man is talking up a storm, you gotta watch what you say...nothing shocks you more than hearing the F-bomb coming from the mouth of babes, especially yours!

Patsy said...

I understand how you feel. I remember well the pride I felt as each of my now grown children began to talk, (read Janet's haiku from the Planet of Janet) and keep talking and won't quit talking.

I too am blessed by God with much.

Cathy said...

It's so amazing when they start talking and changing--those are moments to cherish.

Vixen said...

That is so beautiful and poignant. The time does fly by, trust me. seems like one day I was mother of a two year old and the next day I was a grandmother. Enjoy, enjoy!

Kori said...

Ack. Ours are SO close! Owen is just a little older, and siddnely, like Sam, talking up a storm. Isn't it terrifying and amazing all at once?