October 30, 2008

5 Shows You Should be Watching

Eli Stone

Eli Stone is the story of a lawyer by the same name, portrayed by Johnny Lee Miller, who begins to have visions after being diagnosed with a brain aneurism.  The visions often involve some type of musical performance, often by other cast members.  The day I saw Victor Garber sing a tune on this show, I didn't need anything else to make me happy!  It's a cute show with great themes - the question is, where do the visions come from?  They seem to lead Eli to being able to prevent bad things from happening, or to help people who really need it.  It's funny, but also makes you think.  The show is currently in it's second season.

Pushing Daisies

Ah, Pushing Daisies.  This is absolutely my favorite new show from last season.  It's also just started it's second season, but you can catch up with most of these shows by renting DVDs.  If not, you could just jump in - do a little reading online and you'll be all caught up.  Lee Pace is ABSOLUTELY charming as the talented piemaker who owns "The Pie Hole" and has another special talent - he can bring people back from the dead with a touch of his finger - but there's a catch.  His second touch will put the body back to death, permanently, but if they stay alive for more than 60 seconds, another soul life will be lost in the surrounding area.  Anna Friel is lovable and perfect as Chuck, the girl he loves who he managed to bring back from the dead - but can never touch again if he wants her to stay alive.  The main couple are supported by Kristin Chenowith and Chi McBride, as a pie shop employee and PI, respectively.  It's narrated, but not to the point of being annoying, and visually stunning.  My husband and I watch it together - he likes the narration, the cuteness of it all, and the family show sort of vibe you get from it.  The 'no touching' rule pretty much prevents any sex and there is rarely any violence, when there is it is quick and not graphic, showing what happened to a victim whose case the pie maker and his PI are trying to solve.  You need to pick up the remote and watch it right now.

30 Rock

If you've been paying any attention, you noticed that 30 Rock won a few Emmy's.  Well deserved ones at that.  I don't watch a ton of sitcoms, I hate the fake laugh tracks and the jokes that aren't funny, just overacted.  But then there's 30 Rock.  I literally laugh out loud more than once at EVERY episode.  I've always liked Tina Fey, so I was really excited when she got her own show.  Tina plays Liz Lemon, the head writer of a SNL style sketch show called 'The Girly Show'.  Add to that the complete hilarity of Alec Baldwin as her boss, and the out of control ideas and suggestions brought in by the show's new star, played by Tracy Morgan, and you have a recipe for success.  There are tons of other cast members, and each one bring their own unique character to life perfectly.  I especially love Jack McBrayer as the eager and naive page, Kenneth.  If you liked Fey on SNL, and/or you are looking for something TRULY funny to watch on TV, this is the show for you!


Chuck follows the life of Chuck Bartowski, a Nerd Herd member at the local Buy More whose life is drastically changed when a database of government secrets is downloaded into his brain - and erased from everywhere else in the world.  Chuck must work with his CIA handlers, who are charged with using the information he remembers as well as protecting him from harm, as he is now the sole source of a lot of important information for the CIA.  Chuck is a reluctant hero, he gets flashes of information that are triggered by something he encounters- a face, a symbol, or a voice.  I absolutely love Adam Baldwin, he was genius as Jayne on Firefly, and I love him on this show as Casey, the straight laced agent who isn't really sure exactly what to do with this new 'partner' - a geeky civilian.  There's action, romance, and comedy as we follow Chuck's daily life living with his sister and her too-perfect fiance, his job at the Buy More, and his nights spent on secret CIA business.  It's an original idea, and a great story with lots to enjoy for everyone.  It also has what my husband and I agree is the best title sequence on TV - how could it not be with a song by Cake?  Chuck is in it's second season.


Medium has been on longer, but is still one of my favorite shows on TV.  It gives you the mystery of a crime show, but with added elements to make it unique and interesting.  Patricia Arquette plays Alison Dubois, a woman living in the suburbs with her family who has a special gift - she sees dead people.  As a medium, Alison can see dead people and has dreams sent to her by dead people.  Sometimes they're things that have already happened, sometimes they're things that are going to happen.  Sometimes they're not straight forward - she has to interpret the messages the people on the other side are leaving for her.  Sometimes she's able to have direct contact with them, and sometimes she has to figure it out for herself.  One of the things I like most about this show is it's portrayal of Alison's family.  At home she is with her husband Joe, and three daughters.  The middle daughter, played by Maria Lark, is absolutely adorable and incredibly quirky.  The family is amazingly REAL.  They fight, they are awkward, and they love each other.  I love their portrayal.  The things that happen in the show affect them, and it makes it all more real and more interesting.  If you like crime shows, but sometimes feel like they lack a human element, this show is a great place to turn.  Medium is currently off the air, I believe it's coming back on mid-season this year.

Now go watch some dang TV!

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